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1946 - Alfred Pennyworth is born
1948 - Red Tornado is created
1955 - Sportsmaster is born
1955 - J'onn J'onzz is transported to Earth
1958 - Lucius Fox is born
1961 - James Gordon is born
1962 - Miss Martian is born
1962 - Paula Crock is born
1963 - Deathstroke is born
1963 - Marie Logan is born
1964 - Lex Luthor is born
1966 - Amanda Waller is born
1970 - Giovanni Zatara is born
1971 - Kater Hol (Hawkman) is born
1972 - Mary West is born
1973 - Black Manta is born
1975 - Barry West is born
1977 - Guy Gardner, and Hal Jordan are born
1977 - Kal-El is born
1978 - Bruce Wayne is born
1978 - Oliver Queen is born
1978 - Kal-El Lands on Earth
1979 - Hello, Megan! begins syndication
1980 - Edward Nigma is born
1981 - Arthur Curry is born
1981 - Iris West is born
1982 - Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman) is born
1983 - Bane is born
1983 - Poison Ivy is born
1983 - Queen Mera is born
1984 - Talia al Ghul is born
1986 - Dinah Lance is born
1986 - Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered
1987 - Cat Grant is born
1989 - Psimon is born
1991 - Jade Nguyen (Chesire) is born
1991 - Jimmy Olsen is born
1992 - Roy Harper (Arsenal) is born
1993 - Mal Duncan is born
1984 - Garth (Tempest) is born
1994 - Kaldur'ahm is born
1994 - Tula is born
1994 - (November 11) Wally West is born
1995 - Artemis Crock is born
1995 - Karen Beecher is born
1995 - Raquel Ervin (Rocket) is born
1996 - Greta Hayes is born
1996 - Zatanna is born
1996 (Dec 1) Dick Grayson is born
1997 - Barbara Gordon is born
1998 - La'gaan is born
1998 - Superman starts his career (age 21)
1998 - Giovanni Zatara starts his crime-fighting career
1999 - Jaime Reyes is born
1999 - Jason Todd is born
1999 - Cassanda Cain is born
1999 - Batman begins his career (age 21)

2000 - Billy Batson is born
2000 - Tye Longshadow is born
2000 - Barry Allen begins his career as the Flash (age 25)
2000 - Hal Jordan becomes Green Lantern
2000 - Red Hood becomes The Joker

2001 - Cassandra Sandsmark is born
2001 - Tim Drake is born
2001 - Virgil Hawkins is born
2001 - Aquaman begins his crime fiting career
2001 - Wonder Woman returns to her crime fighting career
2001 - Oliver Queen begins his crime-fighting career

Asami Koizumi is born
Eduardo Dorado Jr. is born
Garfield Logan is born
J'onn J'onzz begins his crime fighting career

Feburary: The Justice League is founded by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal), Aquaman and Martian Manhunter
Appellaxians invade Earth
Guy Gardner begins his crime fighting career as Green Lantern
Ray Palmer (Atom) begins his crime-fighting career
Stephanie Brown is born

Paula Crock begins her sentence in Prison.
Jade Nguyen runs away from home
Hawkman and Hawkwoman begin their crime fighting careers
Green Arrow, Hawkman and Hawkwoman join the Justice League

April 1: Zucco murders the Flying Graysons
Dick Grayson beginds his career (age 9)
Aqualad begins his Mandatory Military Service
Barry Allen and Iris West are married
The Justice League becomes known to the public
The Light is formed

Captain Marvel starts his crime fighting career
Black Canary starts her crime fighting career
John Stewart starts his crime fighting career
Roy Harper (Speedy) starts his crime fighting career
Roy Harper's clone (Red Arrow) is created, and the light secretly replaces Roy Harper (Speedy) with his clone
The Light creates Jim Harper, another clone of Roy Harper

Edward Nygma becomes The Riddler
Jim Harper (Guardian) becomes a hero
Kaldur'ahm (Aqualad) starts his crime fighting career
Wally West (Kid Flash) starts his crime fighting career
Zatara, Captain Atom, Black Canary, John Stewart, Captain Marvel and Red Tornado join the Justice League

Jim Harper (Guardian) joins Cadmus
August: Batman rebukes Talia al Ghul's attempts at a relationship

- March 21st: Conner Kent is created in a Cadmus Lab
- May: Raquel Ervin (Rocket) and Augustus Freeman (Icon) become heroes
- June: Miss Martian arrives on Earth after stowing away on Martian Manhunter's spacecraft
- July: Aqualad, Robin and Kidflash liberate Conner Kent from Cadmus
- November 22: Miss Martian gives Garfield Logan a blood transfusion to save his life

January 16: Marie Logan dies. Garfield Logan joins the Team shortly after

2015: Tear Year Five
Early: Tim Drake becomes Robin
January: Chesire becomes pregnant
Febuary 18: Tula (Aquagirl) sacrifices herself in a battle against Tiamat.
July: Ted Kord is killed. The Scarab attaches to Jaime Reyes
September: Lian Nguyen-Harper is born
November: Zatanna and Rocket are elected to become members

Febuary 28: Bart Allen shows up in a time machine

Bart Allen is born

Alfred Pennyworth - 64/69
Bruce - 32/37
Selina Kyle - 23/28
Talia al Ghul - 26/31
Dick Grayson - 13/19
Jason Todd - 11/(Deceased) 16
Tim Drake - 9/14
Cassandra Cain - 12/17
Damian Wayne - 5/10
James Gordon - 49/54
Barbara Gordon - 13/18
Stephanie Brown - 9/14
Clark - 33/38
Kara Zor-El - 00/18
Conner Kent - 1/6
It’s good for kids to experience their own journeys, but running away without even word to your parents is another thing entirely. I tried to set that boy of mine straight, but when I did, I was the one who got beat...
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