Sep. 4th, 2016

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Matt had been one of the first people Angelique met when her family first moved to Canada, and he was a good friend throughout highschool. An even better boyfriend. Their relationship probably would have become so much more, but college had come into play, and Angelique was off. She went to the United States for it, college in California, where it was hot and warm. She'd never planned on becoming a werewolf, but from what she found, there were a fair number of people who got turned against their will. She had to drop out of college for a year, moving to a town in Montana to learn to control herself. It was hard at first, but eventually, she found herself, learned to live with the wolf, to function as both. There was a pack in Canada that was more than willing to let her live with them- closer to where her family lived, but still far enough away that she wouldn't have as easy access to them. Being closer was nice though, she was in the same timezone, at least. Getting used to her new pack meant she was often unable to travel, her parents came to visit, but Matthew, who she'd kept in contact with on and off, was too sick she found. When she found out he was in the hospital, she finally made the trip into the city. It was a lot of sounds and scents she still wasn't used to, and the hospital smelled like death and illness... Seeing Matt, looking weak, and smelling ill, was harder than she'd ever imagined. Telling him she might know a way to help him- something the doctors wouldn't know about- had been hard too. Even more than that, going back to the pack to explain it to Elizaveta, getting the Alpha to agree to help her... It was a bit easier than she had feared. But getting Matt to make the trip, to trust her, had taken work, he was sick enough to want help, but once he was there, and saw them, it seemed to settle in his head. She was afraid at first, to let him see her changed. Matt had been so close to her- she felt like they could be close again... but changing shape was hard, so while other's showed him both forms, Angelique avoided it out of fear he would look at her differently. When the full moon came, and it was time for him to be changed- for better or worse, it was Angelique's responsibility. She changed with the others, and finally saw him through the wolf's eyes. Her head bowed a little, tail lowered, eyes skimming over him first, nervous, afraid to meet his eyes.

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