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Past past;
Takemaru no Setsuna
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Higurashi Kagome
Name: 日暮かごめ
Name Meaning: 日暮 (Higurashi): Sunset. かごめ (Kagome): Birdcage.
Age: 15-18
Birth: 1982, Sōgō Hospital
Status: Married to Inuyasha, training under Jinenji and Kaede
Occupation: Miko
Species: Human
Height: 157.5 cm (5'2")
Weight: 49kg (109lbs)
Grandpa Higurashi (Grandfather)
Grandma Higurashi (Grandmother, deceased)
Mr. Higurashi (Father; deceased)
Mama Higurashi (Mother)
Sōta Higurashi (Younger brother)
Inuyasha (Husband)
Sesshōmaru (Brother-in-law)
Inu no Taishō (Posthumous father-in-law)
Izayoi (Posthumous mother-in-law)
Spiritual powers
Purification abilities
Detect and purify the Sacred Jewel
Enhanced marksmanship
Detect the presence of evil
Sacred longbow of Mount Azusa
Sacred arrows
Home: 日暮神社 (Higurashi Shrine), Tokyo (Present), Kaede's village (Past)
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Astigmatism - the front surface of the eye or the lens, inside the eye, is curved differently in one direction than the other. A common symptom is blurry vision. It's a very common issue. Scoliosis - a sideways curvature of the spine. Most cases are mild, with few symptoms. Some children develop spine deformities. Severe scoliosis can be painful and disabling.
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"She tasered him."
"Yes, I did."

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The ability to think and process information.
  1.     Slow/Impaired
  2.     Normal
  3.     Learned
  4.     Gifted
  5.     Genius
  6.     Super-Genius
  7.     Omniscient
The Ability to lift weight.
  1.     Weak: cannot lift own body weight
  2.     Normal: able to lift own body weight
  3.     Peak human: able to lift twice own body weight
  4.     Superhuman: 800 lbs-25 ton range
  5.     Superhuman: 25-75 ton range
  6.     Superhuman: 75-100 ton range
  7.     Incalculable: in excess of 100 tons

The ability to move over land by running or flight.
  1.     Below normal
  2.     Normal
  3.     Superhuman: peak range: 700 MPH
  4.     Speed of sound: Mach-1
  5.     Supersonic: Mach-2 through Orbital Velocity
  6.     Speed of light: 186,000 miles per second
  7.     Warp speed: transcending light speed

The ability to resist or recover from bodily injury.
  1.     Weak
  2.     Normal
  3.     Enhanced
  4.     Regenerative
  5.     Bulletproof
  6.     Superhuman
  7.     Virtually indestructible

Energy Projection:
The ability to discharge energy.
  1.     None
  2.     Ability to discharge energy on contact (Gambit)
  3.     Short range, short duration, single energy type (Cannonball)
  4.     Medium range, duration, single energy type (Pyro) 
  5.     Long range, long duration, single energy type (Havok)
  6.     Able to discharge multiple forms of energy (Scarlet Witch)
  7.     Virtually unlimited command of all forms of energy(Phoenix Force)

Fighting Ability:
The proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.
  1.     Poor
  2.     Normal
  3.     Some training
  4.     Experienced fighter
  5.     Master of a single form of combat
  6.     Master of several forms of combat
  7.     Master of all forms of combat
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 Hey Love, 

Not sure when you'll see this, but I thought I'd do something with my spare time, while I wait. 

I know I said I'd lay with you while you slept. But I can't sleep, and laying in the dark is making me a bit nervous, so I'm here instead. I'm sorry about that. 

I know the next three days are gonna be hell for you. They'll be hard for me too, but I Imagine it'll feel all the worst for you. 

I wish I could do something to make that easier. I wish I could make it better. That I could stay this time, instead of leaving again and again. But right now I can't, and I know you know that, even if it's not a thing either of us want. But we'll get to the point soon where I don't need to go. Maybe not right away, not as soon as either of us would like, but soon nonetheless. We've been together and made it this far, so I know we can make it to that point too. 

I love you, so so so very much. I can't wait for the day when we can be together all the time, not just in broken fragments like we have been. 

Just remember, we'll see each other against in August. And hopefully after that too. I look forward to visiting you in waterloo. That I'll get to at least once before next summer, so I can see and explore a little before then. 

I love you. Remember that, okay? No matter the distance, I love you, and I'm anxious and excited and wishing I didn't have go again, just as much as you don't want me to. 

I'll miss you, so very badly. And I hate to go, even though I know I have to. I'm always missing an important part of myself when you're far from me. But the temporary distance is worth the outcome we strive for, ne? 


I lovelovelovelovelovelove you, so so so so so so very much. 

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circa 6 BC - The Silver Millennium Begins
Between 6 BC and 992 AD - Serenity sneaks away to Earth, and falls inlove with Endymion
circa 992 AD - Beryl attacks the Moon Kingdom.
    - Queen Serenity imprisons the Shadow Warriors. - (ref: English Dub Ep 21, "Jupiter Comes Thundering In")
    - Queen Serenity uses the Imperium Silver Crystal to repulse the invading Negaverse armies. - (ref: Ep 39, "The Past Returns")
    - Queen Serenity uses the Imperium Silver Crystal to send Prince Endymion and the Scouts into the future, where they will be reborn as humans. She also sends Luna and Artemis into the future to act as the Sailors' advisors. - (ref: English Dub Ep 39, "The Past Returns")
    - Queen Serenity dies. - (ref: English Dub Ep 39, "The Past Returns")
    - The Imperium Silver Crystal shatters into the seven Rainbow Crystals...with one of the seven Shadow Warriors within each crystal.

August 5, 1974 - Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask) is born to unnamed parents.

October 29, 1973 - Setsuna Meioh (Sailor Pluto is born to unnamed parents.

January 27, 1976 - Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Uranus) is born to unnamed parents.

March 6, 1977 - Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune) is born to unnamed parents.

April 17, 1977 - Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) is born to Hino, Takashi, and Hino, Risa.

June 30, 1977 - Birth of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) to Tsukino Kenji and Tsukino Ikuko.

September 10, 1977 - Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) is born to Mizuno, Saeko and an unnamed father.

October 22, 1977 - Minako Aino (Sailor Venus) is born to unnamed parents.

December 5, 1976 - Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter) is born to unnamed parents.

1980 - Mamoru's parents are killed in an auto accident. The accident severely injures Mamoru and leaves him with amnesia. - (ref: Ep 30, "A Crystal Clear Destiny")

    - Fiore arrives on Earth and befriends Mamoru. - (ref: Sailormoon R Movie)

    - Birth of Sammy Tsukino to Kenji and Ikuko Tsukino. - (ref: Sailormoon R Movie)

    - Usagi and Mamoru meet for the first time in the hospital. Usagi gives Mamoru a rose to commemorate her brother's birth. - (ref: Sailormoon R Movie)

January 6, 1982 - Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn) is born to Professor Souichi and Keiko Tomoe.

1990 - An explosion in the lab kills Tomoe, Keiko and fatally injures Tomoe, Hotaru.

1990 - Minako Aino first meets Artemis and begins her career as Sailor V.

Early April, 1990 - Tsukino, Usagi and Mizuno, Ami start school at Juuban Municipal Junior High School.

March, 1991 - The forces of the Dark Kingdom reappear on Earth.

Early April, 1991 - Tsukino Usagi and Mizuno Ami start their second year at Juuban Municipal Junior High School

- The Sailor V video game is released at the Game Center Crown arcade.

- Luna awakens Sailor Moon (ref: Original Jap. Episode 1: The Crybaby: Usagi's Beautiful Transformation)

January 1992 - Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi fight the Dark Kingdom, and effectively win, but lose their lives and are revived by the Silver Crystal.

June 1992 - Chibiusa appears

January, 1993 - Events from the movie Sailor Moon R occur

January 1993 - The Final battle with the Black Moon Clan happens, and Chibiusa returns to the Future.

March - November, 1993 - Events from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S (Japanese episodes #90 - #127/ Death Busters) occur.

December, 1993 - Events from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S Movie occur.

January - February, 1994 - Events from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon SuperS (Japanese episodes #128 - #166/Dead Moon Circus) occur.

February, 1994 - Events from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon SuperS Movie occur.

March - December, 1995 - Events from Sailor Stars (Japanese episodes #167 - #200) occur.

1998 - Usagi and Mamoru get married.

October 4th-October 12 1998 - Chibiusa was conceived.

Jun 30 1999 - Chibiusa is born.

1999 - An unspecified ecological disaster of global proportions freezes the entire planet.

Mid 30th Century - Neo-Queen Serenity uses the Imperium Silver Cryustal to revive Earth.

Jun 30th 2005 - Kousagi is born (Parallel world)

2005 - Ami Jr., Rei Jr. Mako and Mina are born. (Parallel world)

Early April 2006 - Chibiusa starts first grade.

Early April 2010 - Chibiusa begins middle school

Early April 2012 - Kousagi starts first grade

Early April  2013 - Chibiusa begins high school.

Serenity became Queen at 22, and gave birth to the crown princess.
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696 - King Vegeta is born
705 - Bardock is born
707 - Gine is born
708 - Nappa is born
720 - Tights Brief is born.
724 - Turles is born
725 - Raditz is born
731 - Frieza takes over planet vegeta. King Vegeta takes a wife.
732 - Vegeta is born.
733 - Bulma is born.
737 - ChiChi is born on november 5th. Kakarot, Broly, and Tarble are born.  Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz are sent off planet. Kakarot is sent to Earth. Planet Vegeta is destroyed. Tights Brief goes with Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi. Between June and August, Goku lands on Earth.
749 – Tomoe, Hotaru is born on January 6.
749 - Bulma sets out on her journey for the dragonballs. And meet's Goku.
750 - Goku and ChiChi meet for the first time.
756 - Goku and ChiChi get married.
757 - Gohan is born on may 18. Videl is also born in may.
760 - dead zone takes place
761 - October 21st, Raditz arrive on earth
762 - November 3, Vegeta and Nappa arrive on earth
762 - Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan leave for Namek
762 - December 18, Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan arrive on Namek
762 - December 24, Namek is destroyed
762 - events of Dragon Ball Z: The world's strongest and Tree of Might take place
763 - May 3. Krillin and Yamcha are revived. Vegeta leaves earth. September 9. Tien and Chiaotzu are revived. The namekians are transported to New Namek.
764 - August. Future Trunks arrives from the past.
764-767 - Cooler's revenge takes place
766 - Late in the year, Trunks is born
767 - May 7th. Hercule wins the world martial arts tournament. Videl wins the junior tournament.
767 - may 12. Android 19 and Android 20 arrive. 18 & 17 awaken, and awaken 16. Cell appears later.
767 - between may 12 and 16. Super Android 13 takes place
767 - May 17, Cell announces the Cell Games
767 - May 18. Gohan turns 11
767 - May 19. Dende becomes earths new guardian
767 - May 20-25. Broly the super Saiyan and plan to eradicate the Saiyans takes place.
767 - May 26. The Cell games take place
767 - late in the year, Goten is born
770 - Krillin and 18 marry
774 - April 7. Gohan begins second level at Orange Star High School
774 - april 20-may 6. Broly second coming
774 - May 7. The 25the World Tournament
774 - September 7. Shenron erases everyone's memories of Buu
778 - Gohan and Videl get married.
784 - Goku leaves with Uub to train.
880 - Goku jr. and Vegeta jr. are born
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Fujioka -
- Haruhi (15a/16m. 5'1". Class 1-A)
- Kotoko (deceased - died when Haruhi was about 4-5, was six years older than Ryoji, 31 when she died)
- Ryoji "Ranka" (Professional transvestite/ bartender - 35)
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     Amelia flopped down on the couch, her body still warm from her latest meal, a little early evening snack. She had things to do, there was a big press conference, she had to go practice at a big stadium right after. But frankly, she didn't really want to do either. The attention that she got as she clawed her way (sometimes literally) up to the top of the music world had been a lot of fun at first, but it was bordering on a year, and she couldn't find herself caring too much as people were fluctuating a bit on her. Her songs were still doing amazingly well, but the vampire thing was losing some attention, not that she could really change it. It's not like she could disprove it by going out in the sun or something. And she'd heard from one her old fledglings that the council was getting loud and aggravated. She hadn't spent a great deal of time with any other vampires in the past year, really, but hearing they were getting that antsy was more reason to start thinking of finding something else to do with her time. Stretching out, she threw her arm over her eyes, and frowned, wondering just how to bring it all to an end, or if she wanted to keep up this fun little game for a little while later. They hadn't attacked yet, after all.

    He was pacing the room, the numbers from the weekly record sales in his hand and his gaze firmly focused. Despite some recent negative press from a group of Bible thumpers claiming Lia's music was devil worship, the numbers were still good and holding steady. Demands for Amelia were still coming in from talk shows and commercial deals, though she usually refused them all. Business was good, but his starlette was still acting aloof, like she wasn't enjoying any of it. Which was concerning. Bored celebrities did stupid things like become cleptomanics or drug abusers or had torrid love affairs that got splashed over the entertainment magazines. And since Arthur himself was once such affair, he didn't want that to happen. Plus it hurt the numbers. "Mmm I think you should really reconsider doing that Cocacola ad... I know drinking the stuff doesn't fit your motif but the writers swear they'll work with you."

    Lowering her arm, she sent Arthur a look of disgust. The idea of forcing herself to drink any kind of soda made her stomach clench, she was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to manage without throwing up all over the place. That certainly wouldn't be what they wanted. “I'm not doing a commercial for any type of soda, Arthur.” Sitting up, she huffed, “It's gross.” She crossed her legs and leaned back, “I don't do food or drink things. You know that. No dinners, no commercials, and no ads.” She didn't know what the difference between an ad and a commercial was, but there seemed to be a pretty big one. “Besides, I don't think they'd like the result of my trying to.” She could just imagine the look on everyone's faces, when she tried to swallow coke, and ended up spitting up the vile black liquid, as well as dark blood. “Find something else if you want me to do something like that on TV.” 

He sighed and rolled his eyes hard. They'd been through this before a number of times. The vampire angle was good from a stage presence point of view, but keeping the game going could be tiring. "They can do it without you breaking character, you know... They were proposing a billboard ad of a can with like...fang piercing in it and then you licking your lips, no actual drinking. And for the commercial they were thinking of you... I don't know.. pouncing on coke drinkers," He made a motion like a pouncing cat. "Like you prefer how the soda makes them taste. No drinking if you don't want to."

    It was really hard not to feel a bit offended at the motions Arthur made. Like she was some silly little fledgling who didn't know how to hunt. “I do not pounce.” She stood up, brushing her hands down over her jeans, and tilted her head at him, “Do you really think a vampire would pounce on their victim? That's just stupid.” Which meant that, yes, he probably did believe that, as did the general populace. Humanity was so… depressing sometimes. 

He sighed again and rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming on. He tossed his printouts onto the table. "You're far too sensitive about your vampire image," he muttered but he knew there was no fighting it. He sat down on her couch, seemingly exhausted. "You know supermodels don't actually eat the tripple cheeseburgers that they advertise. It's just an image. But fine, no food or drink."

    Turning, Amelia arched a brow, and watched him for a moment, before turning her attention to the papers. She picked some up, skimming over them, but not finding anything remotely interesting enough to hold her attention for long, “You know, Arthur, as the person who's around me the most, you should put a little more stock into what I say.” She moved towards him, sliding into his lap, arms resting on his shoulders, “If you don't believe me, why would anyone else?” And really, considering that they'd done a great deal more than they really should as manager and client. “Besides, do we really need it? Commercials and shit like that?”

    He grunted, mostly in surprise, as she slide herself into his lap. He blushed, as he always did when she came on to him, even a little. Hollywood manager or not, it was a little overwhelming when a pop star and international sex symbol sits in your lap. "Ahem.. of course I believe you, dear," he said in that patient but slightly condescending tone of his. Amelia took her character very very seriously. Too seriously really, but that was part of the appeal. "And commercials are very beneficial. They bring in money and get you additional time in the public eye. I'm sure we can find something you can agree to. Cars.. makeup...clothes... something."

    She hated that tone. It was so painfully obvious he was just agreeing to please her. She wasn't a child to make content. At least, she didn't think herself that way. Her sire had mentioned her behavior better fitting one. Reaching up, she sank her fingers into his hair, “Don't lie to me. If you don't believe me say it. I could prove it to you, you know.” Though she wasn't sure how well he'd take it though, Arthur was a rather grounded person, over all. Humming, she tilted her head back, and leaned away a bit, making her position a bit precarious, “Dunno…” Smoothly, she stood up, and moved away from him, towards the windows that were open to show the city below, “I feel like this game is getting a little too boring.” 

    He tried to make his forced patience be a little less obvious. He didn't want to annoy her. But he felt it was maybe too little too late, since she got up and moved away. He took a deep breath and stood up after her. "Oh don't be like that. If you really don't want to talk about commercials we can table the matter for now. They'll all wait." He came up behind her and brushed her hair away from her neck. "And I believe that your image is part of who you are..."

    Letting her eyes fall half lidded, Amelia leaned back, to brush her shoulders against his chest, her head tilting to rest on his shoulder. Even well fed, she couldn't help but focus on the sound his blood, his heart pumping and his body thrumming with life. Quirking her lips, she thought about what he must taste like. She'd never tried, but the temptation was always there. “But not what I am.” Turning on her heel, Amelia faced him, flashing a grin, and raised her arms to pull him closer, “What do I have to do to prove it?”

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720 - Tights Brief is born. 
732 - Vegeta is born. 
733 – Meiou, Setsuna is born on October 29 
733 - Bulma is born. 
734 – Chiba, Mamoru is born on August 3rd 
736 – Tenou, Haruka (January 27) and Kaiou, Michiru (March 6) are born. Krillin is born. 
737 – Tsukino, Usagi (June 30),  Hino, Rei (April 17), Mizuno, Ami (September 10), Aino, Minako (October 22), and Kino, Makoto (December 5) are born.
737 - ChiChi is born on november 5th. Tarble, Kakarot and Broly are born.  Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz are sent off planet. Kakarot is sent to Earth, Tarble to tech tech. Planet Vegeta is destroyed. Tights Brief goes with Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi. 
749 – Tomoe, Hotaru is born on January 6. 
749 - Bulma sets out on her journey for the dragonballs. And meet's Goku. 
750 – Michiru and Haruka become sailor scouts prematurely.
750 - Goku and ChiChi meet for the first time. 
751 – The Inner Scouts are woken to fight Queen Beryl 
756 - Goku and ChiChi get married.
757 - Gohan is born.
758 - the year Usagi and Mamoru got married. (She was 21 and he was 24)
760 - Chibiusa is born
761 - DBZ begins
766 – Kousagi, Rei Jr. Ami Jr. Mina, and Mako are born. 
766 - Trunks is born. 
767 - Goten is born. 
771 - Marron is born.
774 - Uub is born. 
778 - Videl and Gohan are married
779 - Pan is born 
780 - Bra is born

-- -- --
Dragon Ball Z Alone
702 - 712 - Nappa is born.
708 - Mr.  Mrs. Brief are born
720 - Tights Brief is born.
731 - The Saiyans are annexed by Frieza and begin conquering planets to sell. King Vegeta marries his Queen.
732 - Vegeta is born.
733 - Bulma (August 18), Yamcha, and Tien Shinhan are born.
736 – Krillin is born.
737 - ChiChi is born on november 5th. Kakarot and Broly are born.  Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz are sent off planet. Kakarot is sent to Earth. Planet Vegeta is destroyed. Tights Brief goes with Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi. Chi-Chi's mother dies of an illness.
749 - Bulma sets out on her journey for the dragonballs on September 1st. And meet's Goku.
750 - Goku and ChiChi meet for the first time.
756 - Goku and ChiChi get married.

757 - Gohan and Videl are born in May.
761 - DBZ begins
766 - Trunks is born.
767 - Goten is born.
771 - Marron is born.
774 - Uub is born.
776 - Tarble and Gure appear.
778 - Videl and Gohan are married
779 - Pan is born
780 - Bra is born

Harem List

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Arthur Kirkland - King of the nine Kingoms.
- Took over the kingdoms and united them, using his necromancy to force control and fear into the people. Was hated and feared.
- Was also good at poisons.
- Had a particular bond with his oldest, Matthew.
- Lukas (Norway)
  a. First mate
  b. High Priestess for his Country
  c. Mother of Arthur's first born child (Matt)
- Andrei (Romania)
  a. Second mate
  b. Was in the same coven as Arthur (?)
  c. Mother of fourth born child, Elizabeta (Hungary)
- Berwald (Sweden)
  a. Third mate
  b. Good with building things
  c. Mother of Arthur's second born Matthias (Denmark)
- Marie (Belgium)
  a. Fourth mate
  b. handpicked
  c. Mother of Bastien, the third child.
- Kiku (Japan)
  a. Fifth, and final mate.
  b. Picked by Yao, gets along well with Arthur.
  c. Mother of the last born child. Chiou.
  d. Most ambitious of the mates.

King Matthew, son of King Arthur and Consort Lukas. Current reluctant ruler of the kingdoms.
- Has a natural talent with animals
- Was taught necromancy from Arthur as a young child (did not like the training at all)
- Didn't want to be king, and doesn't particularly enjoy it now.
- Angelique
  a. Has known Matt their whole lives, as her Husband to be.
  b. Is particularly skilled with water magic, and uses it frequently.
  c. Was very afraid of Arthur.
  d. Is very protective of Matt
  e. Is the mother of Antonio
  f. Very religious, and very open about it.
- Gilbert
  a. First born of the Beilschmidt family, and originally set for the throne.
  b. Second mate of Matthew, Gilbert was handed to him as an 'appropriate' way to get him out of line for his kingdom's throne, leaving his cousin Roderich to rule Germania, as Gilbert was seen as unfit and too aggressive.
  c. His magic is focused on weapons and armor, offering an explicit skill with most hand-to-hand weaponry, as well as allowing him to summon any weapon he might need at any time.
  d. Got into fights with King Arthur, due to his unwillingness to mate with Matthew.
  e. Is quick to start fights when he isn't allowed to train in the mornings.
  f. Gets along best with Alfred and Amelia.
 g. Mother of Ludwig
 h. Religious, but private about it. Prefers to worship alone. 
- Mei Hui
  a. First born child of the Wang family, daughter of the King's adviser, Yao.
  b. Was handpicked by Yao to marry Matthew, as a bit of a spy. Fails to do this, as her relationship with Yao is poor.
  c. Often handles decorations, and hosting large parties and playing host to visitors.
  d. Her magic revolves around plant life.
  e. Mother of Hei. 
- Natalya
  a. Second daughter of the Arlovskaya line. 
  b. Was given to Matthew as a potential mate, by her older sister the Queen of the Northern Kingdoms, to ruin the chances of a potential marriage to an Alpha that neither could stand. 
  c. Her magic comes in the form of healing or deteriorating the health of others.
  d. Gives birth to Ivan- who is frail and ill, causing her to be overprotective.
- Alfred

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When morning came, Peter was picked up by a truck that was already half full of other children. His mom didn't cry then, and he didn't either. They'd spent all night in tears. She hugged him close, and kissed his forehead and cheeks, made him promise again to be good, and to be safe. He clung to her, begging her to be careful, cause he was going to come home and she had to be there. She didn't promise.

Instead, she helped him get on the truck, with his backpack and suitcase, after making sure his coat was buttoned up, and that his backpack was closed tight. He watched her, as the truck drove, as long as he could, until she was out of sight, and then he sat quickly, shoulder to shoulder with two other kids, a little boy who cried, and a girl a little older then him, who had tears on her face, but kept her head ducked behind a book. Peter just stared ahead, fingers plucking at his sleeve, eyes going over the head of a set of twins sitting across from him, huddled together and sleeping.

After what felt like ages, the truck finally stopped. They were all ushered off and into a line. A man with a clipboard and military uniform took their names and a woman next to him pinned pieces of paper with numbers to their coats. They were split into groups and put on big ships. Peter tried to ask where they were going, but everyone was rushing so much, no one seemed to hear him.

He'd always thought he'd be excited to be on a ship. He loved boats and ships and learning about them. But as he boarded a big ship with SS Duchess of York written on the side in big bold white letters, he just felt nervous and scared. And so alone. He didn't know anyone on board with him, and he didn't know when he'd see his mom or his dad again.

The trip on the boat was nearly a week, and Peter eventually did make a few friends. There was William, who's mom was working in a factory in London and liked to sneak out of the mess hall at dinner to sit outside alone, and Michael who didn't really talk much, but was nice and liked to talk about books. They weren't like the friends Peter had back home, who he could play football with, or explore the city with, but they were good for chasing away the lonely feelings.

-- -- -- -- --
In 1940, the SS Duchess of York left Liverpool on August 10th, bound for Canada taking evacuated children under the Children's Overseas Reception Board. Peter Kirkland didn't want to be on board. But he was.

The Children's Overseas Reception Board approved 24,000 children for evacuation overseas. Between June and September 1940, 1,532 children were evacuated to Canada, 577 to Australia, 353 to South Africa and 202 to New Zealand. The scheme was cancelled after City of Benares was torpedoed, killing 77 of the 90 CORB children aboard. However, in 1940 and 1941 about 14,000 children were evacuated privately to overseas relatives or foster families, including 6,000 to Canada and 5,000 to the United States.[12]



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Disclaimer: I own nothing.

“But why do I have to go?” Peter asked, watching his mother hurry about the room. She was shoving his clothes into a suitcase, a few of his books and toys, but mostly clothes, things he'd need most. He knew why, she had told him that he would be leaving in the morning, being shipped off somewhere, though she hadn't been sure where. Somewhere safe, she had promised. “I want to stay with you.”

Giving a sigh of exasperation, Alice Kirkland sank down on her knees in front of her son, hands on his shoulders, “Listen to me, Peter.” She started, and frowned when he looked away. Turning his face back towards her gently, she spoke quickly, “Things are bad, and it's not safe here. Your father and I have to do what we can to make it better, but you need to be somewhere safe.”

“Why can't I stay and help?” Peter responded quickly, angrily. He hated being treated like a child, and that was very much what this felt like.

The sad look that flickered over his mother's face gave him pause, and he let her pull him into a hug, felt her arms tight around his back, and her cheek his. She smelled like roses, roses and smoke. And he couldn't help but cling back to her.

“Right now, the best way you can help, is to be good and do as your told. Write home when you get where you're going, and stay safe so Daddy and I don't have to worry about you, okay?”

He could hear the pain in her voice. His mom never sounded like that, so broken and sad, and he felt her shake as she spoke to him. Wrapping his arms tight around her, he hugged her back, and buried his face against her shoulder, telling himself he had to not cry. He had to be strong for his mom.

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A sudden rush of awareness flooded his system. It crawled like rats across his insides and nibbled on his his ears and heals, but as soon as it had arrived, the slinking sticky feeling had one again dissipated. Kiku angled his neck to one side and then slowly back to the other side, feeling the seamless movements of muscle and bone, the shifting of veins and spine and air as it rushed in and out of his various tubes. In his own mind they creaked, groaned and protested, a great earthquake disrupted their regular business and all of the inhabitants stopped and steadied themselves, weeping in fear and horror as the world changed it's axis for seemingly no reason, but there was no audible sound to validate his mind's eye. His neck simply moved, seamlessly from one shoulder, to the other. Does the ant know it is simply an inconvenience to the leg it has wandered upon? Perhaps not.

For what seemed like the first time, Kiku's eyes opened and closed, and then opened again. The low lighting of his throne room greeted him, and it was still to bright. No sun, no moon, just the light of solitary flames, reaching haphazardly for one another in the vast expanses of his throne room. If you never witness the splendor of the sun or the moon, do they even exist? Certainly no such light would ever reach such a place, and perhaps they were simply constructs of normality, for what was a world without a sun? Simply a rock with things on it he supposed.

“There is an intruder in my castle. I want her found. Bring her to me.”

His word was law; an absolute drowning in abstraction and unpredictability. The game had begun.

The asylum never changed. It was a string of actions that were repeated over and over again until even the most insane patient could explain in detail the monotounous going ons of each day. Natalya was not the most insane patient, but she was one of the most violatile and least responsive. She spent days sitting in front of the window in the rec room, watching the sun make it's journey from east to west, and was known to attack anyone who tried to move her. If she ever spoke, it was slurs and insults towards the orderlies and doctors. The only thing Natalya did that was not sit catatonic or violently attack others, was when she was locked in her room at night, where she would draw and write in the various notebooks given to her. She had books and books of odd drawings, queens and knights, rabbits in hats and tea cups and roses and ghosts and horrifying beasts.

When she'd laid down that night to sleep, one of her notebooks pulled close to her chest, and the drug making her mind hazy and fuzzy, she dreamed about fire and blood, and falling. She fell for what felt like ages, the world falling by her and giving way from the sterile walls of her room to polished red marble floors, suits of armor. And most importantly, an odd catlike being that greeted her with a wide, sharp toothed grin and one word, "Run."

The sound of running feet on the floors drew her up to her own. She paid no mind to the change in her clothes, or odd clarity she'd not felt since she was young. She ran, darting through corridors and rooms, heart pounding in her chest, and the sound the ones chasing her for whatever reason always close by. The large double doors opened as she neared. Without another option, she hurried in, darting into the dark room, and finally coming to a stop as she was met with the image of a rather effeminate man on a throne. For just a moment a image flickered through her mind, the image of a face she knew well, but it slid away and she couldn't say if she knew this man or not. Breathing hard, she glared at him, and tilted her head to look back at the guards that stopped in the door, all eyes seemingly on her.

She was beautiful in her simplicity, and tragic in her stance, and poor little Alice had come to him of her own power. Misguided and misunderstood, her own two feet had brought her to the depths of his core; his prison and his sanctuary.

“You have intruded upon my domain. This place is not for you, Alice.”

It was not a request or a suggestion. His word was law, and he would not be opposed by even one such as her.

“I, the Queen of Hearts, sovereign of all wonderland, declare you unlawful and illegitimate. Go back from whence you came, and do not return.”

He sat without movement, his arms and hands resting on his throne's arm rests, his head leaned against the throne itself. The raised platform for his seat allowed him to look down on Alice, his chin high and his eyes angled downward, a board and superior tilt to his face.

If there was anything Natalya knew about this place, it was that she did not like this Queen of Hearts. No, not one little bit. He looked at her as if she were an annoyance to be brushed aside. Turning to fully face him, she took a few determined steps closer towards the throne. She could tell from here, that lashing out at him as she did the orderlies would not end in a manner suiting to her wishes. Though she greatly desired to bring harm to this man who aggravated her so.

"I do not know who you think I am," She stated, eyes flashing, "But I am not 'Alice', and I do not take well to be spoken down too."

She did not know where she was, or how she'd come to be there. Her last memory before here felt odd and disjointed. She couldn't decide if she'd been at the asylum or not, or where she'd been at all. And it did nothing but further her agitation. Natalya itched to reach up and pull this supposed queen from his throne and throw him to the ground, but she kept her vague distance, as the guards that had chanced her began to edge into the room.

“If you do not know who Alice is, how can you say that Alice is not yourself? You indeed, are Alice.” The bored, dull gleam in his eye didn't dissipate, but a small tilt of his neck angled his black hair as it shifted closer to his eyes, and a slight upward tilt of his chin set them backwards ever so slightly. The right side of his mouth creased, and with his head tilted it certainly must have made him look crooked.

“I would think you'd be used to being spoken down too. That is what people in power do to people who are not in power.”

The guards were filing into the room after her, their spears held at the ready to keep her from turning and escaping from his clutches. Perhaps he would keep young Alice for a while. Or perhaps he'd hang her head somewhere lacking in decoration. She would certainly color a bland background.

Her anger rose as the guards continued filing in. Her head whipped around to take in their positions, hair splaying out in the air to follow her motions. It was quickly becoming clear that she had very few options, and not many of them ended in a pleasant manner for her.

Shooting a glare back towards the Queen, Natalya took another step towards the throne, and the sound of the guards moving filled the room. She stopped and they did so as well. She knew in that instance that there would be no way she could get closer to the queen without being killed. For a split second she wondered if her blood would even show on this floor, of if it would simply meld with the red of the marble and the black of the shadows.

Not particularly disheartened by this idea, she let her gaze flicker about the throne room. Over the dim torches, and the high, arched ceiling, back towards the doors she'd blindly run through, and finally again, to the Queen. Though, her eyes only lingered on the annoying man for just a moment, before she spotted the cat again. But he wasn't really a cat, not like one she'd seen before, he too was familiar in an odd way she couldn't place, and he stood beside the throne, ears twitching and tail waving in a rather relaxed manner. In his hand, which was most unpawlike indeed, he held a blade. It was sleek and sharp, and stained already with blood.

Moving swiftly, Natalya ducked and swerved to avoid being struck by spears that jutted out in her direction. Her feet took her up the platform, but she twisted and leaned to the right towards the cat, who's grin never slid from his face though the rest of him faded away until only that grin and his hand, holding the blade stayed. She grabbed at the handle, and as her fingers wrapped around it, he disappeared completely.

It felt right, holding this weapon in her hand, as if it were made just for her. With this, she felt not nearly as weak or defenseless, and she turned and froze, the image of long dark vines hanging from the throne freezing her in place as she eyed them, not sure at first just what they were going too.

Kiku did not turn to look at her as young Alice moved, but he did sense the presence of the cat, the shifting of the air and the whirling of space around him. He didn't need to look to know where the cat was, didn't need to watch as Alice moved to meet him. He did look when the time and space returned to itself, but he did not move, his eyes simply shifted to take in the right side of the throne. And there was Alice, with the vorpal blade firmly held in her hand. She looked small in comparison to such a large blade, but she held it with no difficulties, and the gleam of the blade shone in her eyes and the deep blood contrasted magnificently with the snow white pallor of her skin.

Without realizing he'd thought it, Kiku thought that it suited her, that it had formed itself to fit her firm yet delicate hand. She was enamored by it as well. Young Alice had seethed with rage before, but her fire had been chilled. Now, with the blade in hand the flame buckled and clipped and drew in all around it. She was ready to smite the world with such a devastating tool in hand, she turned to him, and Kiku felt no worry. He was the Queen of Hearts; no child who could not face herself, could destroy him, even if she was the one perhaps destined to cleave the world to pieces. Composure was his ace, and Kiku would maintain it.

But Alice did not rip and tear with the blade she'd collected from the meddlesome cat, instead she stilled, and her eyes festered on the roots of his sustenance. They bulged in her head and the confusion that floated in her eyes was practically visceral. The force of her confusion was unnerving, though Kiku did not, and would not show it, and when a sudden bang exploded from the far end of the room grabbing her attention, Kiku was happy for the distraction. The only outward sign of aproval he gave, was a slight twitch of his mouth, and a tilt of his head, as his eyes turned forward.

“Husband. Your timing is impeccable.” Across the room stood the King of Hearts, his hair blond and cropped, his features hardened yet soft, and a smoking barrel in his hand as the guards folded around him, parting like cards in the presence of a strong wind. “We have some meddlesome guests that need tending to, husband.”

Natalya knew that sound, the bang was familiar enough for her to place it as that of a gun, she turned immediately to look and see it. Her gaze locked easily on the man holding the weapon, and she knew that escape was now most important. Though the blade felt right in her hand, she could not use it against a gun, not at such distance, and though she was faster here then she'd ever been before, she didn't know for sure she could dodge enough bullets to avoid being harmed. No, attacking now would be unwise.

At the Queen's words, this felt even more confusing. Most, she thought to herself, would take the Queen as a sort of hostage. Surely the blade in her hands could easily slice through him and be adequate weapon... but the vines that, as she looked at them and could tell, were quite attached to the queen... if she used him as a hostage, she wouldn't be able to actually move to escape. And surely none of the guards would be seen as anything but replaceable.

The only way out, Natalya realized, quite unwillingly, was through the very door the supposed King stood in. And he did not seem like one to easily get passed. For a moment, she wished desperately that the cat might appear again and help her. But he did appear, and she knew she was on her own.

"Tending too, as if I were a pesky weed." She muttered, stepping down off the platform, eyes flickering over the guards who moved to give the King a clear shot, "I don't think I like the way you think of me, much."

“Your concern is misplaced. You only think of the rose when it is in your sight. When it is not, it no longer exists, and all things in this world exist so that I may look upon, and then discard them. Once you have been discarded, it won't much matter what my opinion of you is.” Kiku answered in his customary monotone voice, his eyes angled towards the King of Hearts, and not towards Alice.

“Husband, do tend to this white rose. I prefer red, but sometimes I am in the mood for white.”

The king's face stayed hard as he eyed the young girl and her bloody blade. He cocked the gun and aimed. “That's enough moving. Stay still.” He stated plainly, in a much more spirited manner than the queen was capable.

Deciding that she quite simply did not like this Queen at all, Natalya cocked her head to the left. She shifted her hold on the blade, and her heels made soft tap-tap-tap sounds as she moved along the floor. "I am not a rose, and I won't be as easily discarded."

Narrowing her eyes on the King, Natalya shifted her stance ever so slightly as she moved. "If this must become bloody, then so be it."

She doubted she would get passed him without being hit at least once, and her body was steeled to take the pain. She readied the blade, intending to slash at his middle, and hopefully she could take a bit out of him as well.

When she darted, she pushed all her power into the move, immediately leaning forward and running forward, wavering from side to side to make herself a harder target to hit, and the vorpal blade held close to her stomach, ready for her to slash it out at as she moved passed.


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