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2017-07-23 10:56 pm
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Overwatch Characters

Solider 76 - Jack Morrison - 55
Ana Amari - 60 
Tracer - Lena Oxton - 26
McCree - Jesse McCree - 37
Genji Shimada - 35
Hanzo Shimada - 38
Pharah - Fareeha Amari - 32
Bastion - SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54 - 30
Junkrat - Jamison Fawkes - 25
Roadhog - Mako Rutledge - 48
Mei - Mei-Ling Zhou - 31 (biological age)/41 (chronological age)
Torbjörn - Torbjörn Lindholm - 57
D.Va - Hana Song - 19 
Orisa - 1 month
Reinhardt - Reinhardt Wilhelm - 61 
Zarya - Aleksandra Zaryanova - 28
Winston - 29
Lucio - Lúcio Correia dos Santos - 26 
Mercy - Angela Ziegler - 37
Symmetra - Satya Vaswani - 28 
Zenyatta - Tekhartha Zenyatta - 20 
Reaper - Gabriel Reyes - 56 
Widowmaker - Amelie Lacroix - 33
Sombra - ░░░░░░ - 30
Doomfist - Akande Ogundimu - 45
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2017-03-29 09:48 pm
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[wip] displaced chapter 2 (2)

The anomaly happened at nearly three in the morning the night after Bart Allen had first appeared. There was no warning that something had happened. Dick, Barbara and Tim were all doing a quick sweep of Gotham. Currently all the big bads were locked up, and because of this, Dick had let Tim go on his own a little. A thing he still struggled with- that the bats all struggled with after Jason. Dick believed in him, and Tim felt more confident now that he was more experienced, now that he'd led his own squad a bit- but it was still hard to remember that all the faith Dick had in him was earned. 
As he flew across rooftops, skirted around corners and searched for any sign of danger, Tim was still trapped in thoughts. Mostly of the passed twenty four hours. He thought over everything they'd learned about the (aliens), about Bart. About the gaps in the knowledge that were so big he was sure even Superboy couldn't leap across them were they physical. They worked with what they had, but once it was all laid out before him, it felt like so little. 
Dick told him it was just the start, to trust his instincts and piece it together as they went. To think it through. But Tim couldn't help feeling uncertain, insecure. He hoped that Bruce would be back soon, he would be better suited to this. He could piece it together and soothe the anxiety that Dick couldn't. 
"Robin, what's your location?" Babs voice spoke quick over the comm, dragging Tim forcibly from his thoughts and nearly spooking him over the ledge of the building he'd been about to leap off, his grapple hook at the ready. When he didn't respond to her immediately, too busy catching his breath, eyes wide as he stared down at the street so far below, she spoke again, "Robin? You okay?"
"Robin? Batgirl? What's happening?" That was Dick, his voice gritty and gravelly in a way that sounded so wrong for Dick, but almost right for The Batman, his guise of the night. 
"I'm fine, I'm here, just lost in thought-" he flinched at his slip up. He could hear Dick taking a breath to scold him, 'you have to focused on the job', it was unsafe not to be, not that Dick had a lot of room to talk, especially as of late. Still, he tried to derail the lecture until later, "What did you want, Batgirl?" 
"Picked up some strange readings in your section, are you still there, or have you headed back?" 
"I can check it out." He said quickly, already looking down at the holo screen that popped up from his gauntlet. There was a map of the sector he was in, and Batgirl sent him the location she had for the anomaly. For a second, as he looked at the mark just a few blocks from his position, he wondered if Barbara had returned to the cave or if Alfred had picked up the information and simply sent it her way first. Either was likely, she did have classes in the morning. 
"Send me the coordinates as well, BG, I'll meet up with Robin." Dick stated, following with orders after, "Don't engage if you find anything, got it, Robin?" 
"Right." Tim flung himself off the rooftop, the jerk of the grapple gun familiar as its hook flew and caught on a ledge. He was sure that Dick would easily catch up to him, and he'd obey the first Robin, as he always did. But he would arrive first and would only engage if absolutely needed. 
There was nothing there, though, not at first. The alley looked empty upon first glance. It was an alley like any other in Gotham, grimy and relatively empty. If something had happened here there was no outward sign. No signs of any sort of struggle from a mugging or a brawl, no electric charge to the air he'd learned to recognize from Zatanna's magic. There was, however, a slight tingle in the back of his head. The feeling that something was there that shouldn't be. He'd been on enough jobs with M'gann to recognize the soft touch of a telepath, but it was subtle, quiet. Not a link like they used on missions, almost more of a diversion. Like someone trying to use a slight of hand trick. 
Shaking his head, Tim blinked and tried to get rid of it, to no avail. He thought maybe he was wrong, it was late and he'd not slept much the night before. Everything that had happened, the strain of what was happening, not just in Gotham, but to the world at large, could easily explain the unease he felt, right? But Tim was smarter than that. It had to feel off for a reason, especially if Babs had sent him here to check something. 
Reaching into his belt he pulled out his binoculars, switching on the heat sensors. If the telepath messing with him had a good hold on his mind, it wouldn't make a difference. But them, he also wouldn't be able to feel them in his head. Without the binoculars there was nothing to see, but with them, he could pick up the body temperatures of three people. A bit low, suggesting they'd either been out in the cold a while, or just weren't dressed for the chill if Gotham nights. They were pretty close to the docks, so it was even colder than most places in the city. 
Dick had said not to engage, so Tim settled in to wait. There was no sign he'd actually been noticed despite his vision being effected. It wasn't until the sound of 

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2017-03-28 02:41 pm
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YJ character List

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth - 64/69
- Thomas Wayne M.D.  
- Martha Wayne née Kane 
Bruce Wayne (Batman) - 32/37
Richard John Grayson (Robin/Nightwing/Batman) - 13/19
Barbara Gordon (Batgirl/Oracle) - 13/18
Jason Peter Todd (Robin/Red Hood) - 11/16
Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne (Robin/Red Robin) - 9/14
Cassandra Cain (Batgirl/Black Bat)  - 12/17
Stephanie Brown (Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl)  - 9/14
Damian Wayne (Robin) - 5/10
Kate Kane (Batwoman) - 
Selina Kyle (Catwoman) - 23/28
Harper Row (Bluebird) - 
Duke Thomas - 8/13
Luke Fox (Batwing) - 15/20
Terry McGinnis (Batman) - 00/00
Tamara Fox - 
Tiffany Fox (Batgirl) - 
Talia al Ghul - 26/31
James Gordon - 49/54
Colin Wilkes (Abuse) - 5/10
Lara Lor-Van
Martha Kent 
Jonathon Kent
Kal El (Superman) - 33/38
Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) - 18/18
Kon El (Superboy) - 1/6
Match - 
Lois Lane 
Jon Kent (Superboy) - 3/8
Lex Luthor - 46/51
J'onn Jo'nnzz (Martian Manhunter) - (chronologically) 135/140 (biologically) 45/47
M'gann M'orzz (Miss Martian) - (chronologically)48/53 (biologically) 16/18
Koriand'r (Starfire) - 15/20
Komand'r (Blackfire)  - 18/23
Ryand'r (Wildfire)  - 10/15
Myand'r (King of Tamaran)
Luand'r (Queen of Tamaran) 
Galfore (Starfire's k'norfka)
Mar'i Grayson (Nightstar)
Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) - 32/37
Dinah Lance (Black Canary) - 24/29
Olivia Queen
Roy Harper (Red Arrow) - 18/23
Roy Harper (Arsenal)  - 18/23
Lian Harper - 00/1
-- -- -- 
Paula Crock née Nguyen (Huntress) - 48/53
Jade Nguyen (Chesire) - 19/24
Artemis Lian Crock (Artemis/Tigress) - 15/20
Lawrence Crock (Sportsmaster) - 55/60 
Jason Peter "Jay" Garrick (The Flash) - 92/97
Joan Garrick née Williams - 88/93
Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen (The Flash) - 35/40
Iris Ann Russell West -29/34
Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West (Kid Flash/Flash) -  15/21
Bartholomew Henry "Bart" Allen II (Impulse/Kid Flash) - 00/13
Donald "Don" Wallace Allen 
Dawn Jae Allen 
Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) - 85/90
- Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor-Hall
Donna Hinckley Stacey Troy (Wondergirl)
Cassandra Elizabeth "Cassie" Sandsmark (Wondergirl) - 9/14
Arthur Joseph Curry (Aquaman) - 29/34
Mera - 27/32
Artur - 00/4
Tula (Aquagirl) - 16/-
Garth (Tempest) - 16/21
Kaldur'Ahm/Jackson Hyde (Aqualad) - 16/21
David Hyde (Black Manta) - 37/42
La'gaan (Lagoon Boy) - 12/17
Giovanni  Zatara (Zatara/Dr Fate) - 40/45
Zatanna Zatara (Zatanna) - 14/19
Zachary Zatara (Zatara) - 5/10 
Arriachon (Misty Kilgore) - 4/9
John Constantine - 15/20
Klarion Bleak 
Billy Batson (Captain Marvel/Shazam) - 10/15
Raven "Rachel Roth" - 9/14
Ray Palmer (Atom) 
Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning)
Nathaniel Adams (Captain Atom) 
Guy Gardner (Green Lantern)
Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
John Stewart (Green Lantern)
Katar Hol (Hawkman) 
Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman) 
Augustus Freeman (Icon) 
Patrick O'Brian (Plastic Man)
Raquel Ervin (Rocket) - 15/20
Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) - 11/16
Garfield Logan (Beast Boy) - 8/13
Victor Stone (Cyborg) - 15/20
Karen Beecher (Bumblebee) - 15/20
Mal Duncan (Guardian) - 17/22
Virgil Hawkins (Static) - 10/15
Richard "Ritchie" Foley (Gear) - 10/15
Tye Longshadow - 11/16
Eduardo Dorado Jr. - 9/14
Asami Koizumi - 9/14
Eduardo Dorado Sr. - 41/46
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2017-03-18 11:56 pm
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2017-03-15 06:39 pm
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DC character list

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth
- Thomas Wayne M.D.
- Martha Wayne née Kane
Bruce Wayne - Alpha
Richard John Grayson -
Barbara Gordon -
Jason Peter Todd -
Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne -
Cassandra Cain -
Stephanie Brown -
Damian Wayne -
Kate Kane -
Selina Kyle -
Harper Row -
Duke Thomas -
Luke Fox -
Terry McGinnis -
Tiffany Fox -
Talia al Ghul -
James Gordon -
Colin Wilkes
Krypton Family
Lara Lor-Van
Martha Kent
Jonathon Kent
Kal El
Kara Zor-El
Kon El
Lois Lane
Jon Kent
J'onn Jo'nnzz
M'gann M'orzz
Koriand'r (Starfire)
Komand'r (Blackfire)
Ryand'r (Wildfire)
Myand'r (King of Tamaran)
Luand'r (Queen of Tamaran)
Galfore (Starfire's k'norfka)
Mar'i Grayson
Arrow Family
Oliver Queen
Dinah Lance
Olivia Queen
Roy Harper (Red Arrow)
Roy Harper (Arsenal)
Lian Harper
-- -- --
Paula Crock née Nguyen
Jade Nguyen
Artemis Lian Crock
Flash Family
Jason Peter "Jay" Garrick
Joan Garrick née Williams
Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen
Iris Ann Russell West
Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West
Bartholomew Henry "Bart" Allen II
Donald "Don" Wallace Allen
Dawn Jae Allen
Wonder Family
Diana Prince
- Hippolyta "Lyta" Trevor-Hall
Donna Hinckley Stacey Troy
Cassandra Elizabeth "Cassie" Sandsmark
Atlantean Family
Arthur Joseph Curry
Kaldur'Ahm (Jackson Hyde)
David Hyde
Giovanni Zatara
Zatanna Zatara
Zachary Zatara
Arriachon (Misty Kilgore)
John Constantine
Klarion Bleak
Billy Batson
Raven "Rachel Roth"
Jaime Reyes
Garfield Logan
Victor Stone
Karen Beecher
Mal Duncan
Virgil Hawkins
Raquel Ervin
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X-Men: Evolution Character List

Professor Charles Francis Xavier 
James "Logan" Howlett
Ororo Munroe 
Henry "Hank" Munroe 
Jean Grey 
Scott Summers 
Kurt Wagner 
Katharine "Kitty" Pryde 
Anna-Marie Darkhölme 
Read more... )
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[Character Profile] Talon [X-Men Evolution]

Name: Laura Kinney
Aliases: X-23, Laura Howlett, Lady Wolverine, Laura X, Talon, Samantha Fisk
Place of Birth: The Facility
Occupation: Adventurer, student; former waitress, assassin
Gender: Female / Height: 5'1" / Weight: 111lbs / Orientation: Pansexual
Education: Extensive training in skills useful to assassination; some college courses
Known Family;
  • Mother: Sarah Kinney (creator & surrogate mother, deceased)
  • Father: James Howlett (genetic template/"father")
  • Maternal Aunt: Deborah Kinney
  • Maternal Cousin: Megan Kinney
  • Clones/Sisters: Bellona, Zelda, Gabby Zelda Kinney, six other unnamed clones
Hobbies and pastimes: Trying new things
Favorite foods: Spicy food


  • Superhumanly Acute Senses: Laura possesses superhumanly acute senses that are comparable to those of certain animals. She is capable of seeing at much greater distances, and with perfect clarity, than an ordinary human. She retains this same level of clarity in near-total darkness. Her sense of hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing her to both hear sounds that ordinary humans can't and to hear sounds that ordinary humans can, but at much greater distances. Laura is able to use her highly developed sense of smell to track targets by scent with an impressive degree of success, even if the scent has been eroded by natural factors, such as the weather.
  • Adamantium Claws: Laura's skeleton includes two retractable bone claws, which have been covered in adamantium, in each arm and one in each foot that she can extend and retract at will. These claws are housed beneath the skin and muscle. Unsheathing them causes her skin to tear and bleed, but the wounds are quickly dealt with by her healing factor. Laura can unsheathe any number of these claws at once, although she must keep her wrists and/or feet straight at the moment the claws emerge. Her ability to slice completely through a substance depends upon the amount of force she can exert and the thickness of the substance. Also, since the bones of her hands and wrists are not laced with Adamantium, it is likely that the reverberation of her claws could conceivably break her hands with significant force. Unlike Wolverine, the presence of Adamantium in her body is not sufficient enough to interfere with her bones' normal function of generating blood corpuscles, although it is as possible that some degree of her immune system is distracted by the presence of the foreign substance. Her claws can cut through the Hulk's skin and eyes.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Like Wolverine, Laura's primary mutant power is an accelerated healing factor that enables her to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. She is capable of fully healing injuries resulting in massive tissue damage and blood loss such as multiple bullet wounds, slash wounds, and puncture wounds within a matter of minutes. Her healing factor is developed to such a degree, she is capable of reattaching severed limbs, such as a hand. She has also proven capable of regrowing an entire arm on her own. Her healing factor may fluctuate with her psychological state as battle wounds tend to heal very quickly, but her self inflicted cuts appear to remain visible for some time.
Foreign Chemical Immunity: Laura's natural healing also affords her the virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs. She can be affected by some drugs, such as tranquilizers, if she is exposed to a massive dose.
Disease Immunity: Due to her highly efficient immune system, Laura is immune to all Earthly diseases and infections.
Superhuman Stamina: Laura's muscles produce considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of an ordinary human. She can exert herself at peak capacity for about 24 hours before fatigue begins to impair her.[citation needed]
Superhuman Agility: Laura's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
Superhuman Reflexes: Laura's reflexes are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. In at least one case she reacts to and slices in half with her claws a bullet fired at her face from nearly point-blank range.
Superhuman Durability: She was capable of fighting the Hulk without sustaining any severe injuries and surviving energy blasts from Nimrod (even if she required healing and nearly died).
Longevity: Presumably, because Laura is a clone of the mutant Wolverine, her healing factor will also provide her with an extended lifespan by slowing the effects of the aging process.

  • Expert Covert Ops Training: Raised in captivity, due to her extensive training as a top-secret operative, X-23 has been trained to become a living weapon. She is highly trained in the use of long range weapons and explosives, and is an expert in assassination techniques.
  • Expert Tracker: Due to her enhanced sense of smell, Laura is a dangerous tracker and has memorized many different scents.
  • Master Martial Artist: She is a master in hand to hand combatant, with intensive training in numerous armed and unarmed martial arts techniques during her time in the facility.
  • Master Acrobat: She is an Olympic class athlete, gymnast, acrobat and aerialist capable of numerous complex maneuvers and feats.
  • Multilingual: Laura can speak fluent English, French, and Japanese. She might be able to speak other languages.
  • Gifted Intellect: She possesses the ability to quickly process multiple information streams (e.g., threat assessment) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations.
  • Induced Berserker Rage: She has also been subjected to conditioning in which a specific "trigger scent" has been used to send her into a berserker rage, killing anything in sight.

Random Notes/Things from the Comics to Keep:
  • Laura's watch-timer in her self-titled limited series was always set to 22 minutes.
  • While under the Trigger scent influence, she is a mindless killer that destroys anything in her path.
  • Laura has been known to practice self-harm, and has injured herself on a consistent basis using her claws from a young age. She was first seen engaging in the behavior after killing her sensei under the effects of the trigger scent.
    • When she was 12, her entire skeleton was infused with adamantium.
    • After seven years, Rice had X-23 subjected to radiation poisoning in order to accelerate the activation of her mutant gene, and forcibly extracted her claws and coated them with Adamantium.
Power Grid
Energy Projection1
Fighting Ability6
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[Character Profile] Kurt Wagner [X-Men Evolution]

Name: Kurt Wagner
Aliases: Kurt Szardos, Bamf, Great Boggie, Elf, Fuzzy Elf, Herr Indigo, The Flying Fiend, The Magnificent Monster, The Daredevil Demon, Fuzzy-blue,
Place of Birth: Barvaria, Germany
Occupation: Student
Gender: Male / Height: 5'9" / Weight: 161lbs / Orientation: Bisexual
Education: College Graduate
Known Family;
  • Biological Father: Azazel
  • Biological Mother: Raven Darkholme
  • Foster-Sister: Anna Marie Darkholme
Classes: Public Speaking, European History, French, Geometry, Gym, Biology
Hobbies and pastimes: Movies, Drama Club, JV soccer, JV gymnastics, skateboarding, video games
Favorite music: Movie soundtracks, Barenaked Ladies, XTC, etc
Favorite foods: Pizza, burgers, tacos

  • Teleportation: Ability to teleport himself, the clothes he is wearing, and within limits a certain amount of additional mass which is in contact with him. He teleports by displacing himself into the Brimstone Dimension, traveling through it, and then returning to his own dimension at a certain distance from his point of departure. He consciously determines his point of return. The entire process occurs so quickly that Nightcrawler is unaware of being in the Brimstone Dimension at all. Nightcrawler guides himself through the Brimstone Dimension by a subconscious, natural direction-finding sense. Although Nightcrawler controls his teleportation ability with his conscious mind, his power to teleport is not psionic. Rather it is the result of an unknown biochemical/biophysical reaction which he triggers mentally.
  • Micro-Suction Discs: Nightcrawler can stick to objects with the surface of his hands and feet. This enables him to scale surfaces.
    • Flexible Bone Structure: Nightcrawler's bone structure allows him great flexibility. He can remain in a crouched position for a long time and perform contortionist type feats without causing any damage to his spine.
    • Camouflage: He has limited abilities to blend into shadows, both as a result of his indigo fur and his connection to the light-bending attributes of the dimension through which he teleports. This is also the explanation for why he constantly appears in shadow, even in direct light.[37]
    • Prehensile Tail: allowing him to grab onto objects with relative ease. His tail is strong enough to not only support his body weight but also lift an adult man completely off the ground. It is deft enough to fight with like a sword or blunt object.
    • Night Vision: Nightcrawler's always glowing eyes grant him a marked degree of heightened night vision as well.
    • Superhuman Agility: Nightcrawler's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels beyond the human body's natural limits.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Nightcrawler's natural reaction time is enhanced to a level beyond the human body's natural limits.
  • Master Acrobat: Nightcrawler is an Olympic-class acrobat thanks to his flexible spine that allows him to perform contortionist-like feats and to go long periods in a semi-crouching position without injury.

Kurt is the biological child of Raven Darkholme and a demon named Azazel. He was born with his physical mutations, Raven believed they were the result of experimentations preformed by Magneto. She fled Magneto, and lost Kurt while being pursued. He was found a by a couple, who loved him despite his appearance. Frequently through his childhood, Kurt and his adoptive parents traveled with a circus, giving him a mostly safe setting to grow up in. However, they settled down when he was about thirteen, and Kurt's powers began to manifest.

Found by Cerebro, Kurt's adoptive family was contacted by Professor Xavier, and he was enrolled in the Institute.

Random Notes/Things from the Comics to Keep:
  • A calendar in Kurt's room (Nightcrawler (Volume 3) #12) indicates that his birthday is in November
  • Among his more ironic character traits, Wagner is an extremely religious man. A devout Catholic, his demonic appearance obviously makes it very difficult to attend Mass. Despite this, as mutants in the Marvel Universe become more accepted, he even managed to almost become a Catholic priest; unfortunately his studies were interrupted by a villainous group known as "The Neo".
  • In the comics, he comes from a small village called Winzeldorf, and in the X-Men animated series, it is Neuherzl.

Power Grid
Energy Projection1
Fighting Ability3
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[Character Profile] Shadowcat [X-Men Evolution]

Name: Katherine Anne Pryde
Aliases: Kitty, Ariel, Sprite, Cat, Half-Pint, Katya, Kätzchen, Kitten, Pun'kin, Shadowcat, Professor K, Professor Kitty
Place of Birth: Deerfield, Illinois
Occupation: Student, Teacher, Med-Student, Model
Gender: Female / Height: 5'6" / Weight: 110lbs / Orientation: Straight
Education: Some university-level courses
Known Family; 
  • Father: Carmen Pryde, ex-Military, Banker. 
  • Mother: Theresa "Terri" Pryde, housewife.
Classes: Computer Sciences (with her pal, Doug Ramsey), Honors English, Honors Social Studies, Astrophysics, Gym (with other X-Men) and Trigonometry (with Scott and Jean; she's the youngest in the class and outclasses everybody). 
Hobbies and pastimes: Dance, trombone, in-line skating, cooking (she's bad at it), malling, Russian Club (with her buddy, Doug) and yoga. 
Favorite music: Country (go figure) and all the Divas (Cher, Celine, Mariah, etc.) 
Favorite foods: Ice cream, pizza, and salad. (Vegetarian) 

 Shadowcat possesses the ability to pass through solid matter and objects by passing her atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which she is moving. In this way she and the object through which she is passing could temporarily merge without interacting, and each is unharmed when Shadowcat had finished passing through the object. This process is called "phasing." 
When Shadowcat is phasing, she is, for all intents and purposes, intangible. Hence, when attacked, she can shift into a "phasing" state (even if she is not at the time passing through an object) so as to allow oncoming projectiles or energy blasts to pass through her harmlessly. Shadowcat passes through objects at the same rate of speed at which she was moving before she "entered" it. 
  • Selective Intangibility: Allows others to become intangible and make other objects intangible by making them pass through other massive solid objects easily such as buildings, planes, and trains.
  • Partial Intangibility: Kitty can choose which parts of her body become intangible. She make one part of her intangible while leaving the rest of her body solid.
  • Elemental Intangibility: Allow elemental attacks to pass harmlessly through her such as water, fire, earth, air, energy, electricity, and even lightning.
  • Physical Disruption: Kitty can easily damage tangible matter by passing right through it.
  • Non-Corporeal Physiology: Kitty's intangibility abilities make her practically untouchable.
  • Air & Water Walking: Using her phasing/intangibility ability, Shadowcat can freely walk on both air and water. In fact, she could use her ability to walk on water and the air from the ground to the upper stories of a building as if she were climbing a staircase.
  • Phasing/Intangibility Extension: From the first use of her phasing power, Shadowcat was able to phase her clothing along with herself. Through practice she learned to phase other objects along with herself without harm to them, and at one point phased an entire X-Men team. She could also enable someone as big as Colossus to "walk on air" along with her. However, she had to maintain physical contact with the people or objects she phased along with herself for the effect to work with this other person or object.
  • Camouflage: Kitty can easily blend into the colors of her immediate surroundings and environments, practically making her invisible to anything seen to the naked eye.
  • Shadow Camouflage: Shadowcat can also become completely invisible and unseen in shadows.
  • Electronic Disruption: She could phase through any material object, even living people. When she phased through an object with an electrical system, the process disrupted the system's workings.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Her thoughts were highly erratic when phased as if there was no mind to telepathically affect.
  • Cloaking: Kitty can hide herself and others from any type of optical eyesight.
  • Phasing Limitations: Since she was unable to breathe while "inside" an object, she could only continuously phase through solid objects (as when she travels underground) as long as she could hold her breath. Denser materials were more difficult for Kitty to phase through, sometimes causing her pain. Solidifying while in an object could cause serious injury if not death. As it is an active ability, if she can't see an attack coming, she can't phase through it.

Kitty's led a sheltered life since childhood, with a possibly strict father. At the age of fifteen her powers emerged, but headaches related to them started at the age of thirteen. Though her parents were overprotective, particularly her father, they were very caring, and her childhood was very normal. When she first became a member of the team, being the fourth X-Man to join, she was a bit uncomfortable with the lack of normalcy, and grew to adapt. 

Kitty continues to be eccentric, and highly intelligent, and optimistic member of the team. 

Random Notes/Things from the Comics to Keep: 
  • Kitty Pryde is Jewish. Cultural memories of the Holocaust made her especially sensitive to all kinds of prejudice against mutants, humans or any alien species, much more if it involves camps or imprisonment.
  • She answered to "Kitty" over "Katherine" since she was three years old.
  • Kitty is slightly nearsighted.
  • Kitty attended Robert A. Heinlein School for Engineering and Astrophysics in Chicago on a full scholarship.
  • Kitty is a genius in the field of applied technology and computer science. She is highly talented in the design and use of computer hardware. She is a skilled pilot of piston and jet engine aircraft, and a competent pilot of certain advanced interstellar vehicles. 
  • She is a professional-level dancer in both ballet and modern dance. She speaks fluent English, Japanese, Russian, and the royal and standard languages of the alien Shi'ar and Skrull, and has moderate expertise in Gaelic, Hebrew, and German.
  • Kitty also shares a mental/empathic connection with her pet dragon Lockheed; both she and the alien dragon can "sense" each other's presence at times and generally understand one another's thoughts and actions.
Power Grid
Energy Projection1
Fighting Ability5
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[Character Profile] Phoenix [X-Men Evolution]

Name: Jean Elaine Grey
Aliases: Marvel Girl, Red, Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, White Phoenix of the Crown, Redd Dayspring, Jeannie, Ms. Psyche
Place of Birth: Annadale-on-Hudson, New York City, New York, USA
Occupation: Student, Teacher, Med-Student, Model
Gender: Female / Height: 5'6" / Weight: 115lbs
Education: Some College-Level education- Metro College. 
Known Family; 
  • Father: Professor Johnathon Grey, Teacher in the History Department of Bard College
  • Mother: Elaine Grey, housewife 
  • Sister: Sara Grey, Mutant Rights Activist.
  • Sister: Julia Grey, a chef, owns a restaraunt. A younger child of the family.
  • Brother: Roger Grey, oldest child. Session musician (jazz cornet) 
  • Brother: Liam Grey, a Pastor
Hobbies and pastimes: Fashion, cooking and shopping
Favorite music: Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morrisette, and anyone else who ever played the Lilith Fair 
Favorite foods: Sushi, French cuisine and anything trendy

Jean is an Omega Level Mutant (is a term that is commonly used to refer to a mutant possessing powers without foreseeable limits. )

Telepathy; Jean is able to read thoughts, project, and broadcast her own, as well as affect the minds of humans and animals with higher intelligence (in. dolphins, dogs, ravens). 

  • Telepathic Defense: She can manifest her telepathy in a number of defensive ways.
    • Telepathic Cloak: She can mask her presence and the use of her abilities from being detected by other psions and psychic entities. She can extend these defenses to others around her as well. Cloaking via telepathy is not perfect and powerful psis may notice and 'see' through this ability.
    • Cloak Mind: Ability to rearrange the “mental engrams” of mutants so their distinctive mutant thought patterns cannot be detected by Cerebro-type devises or by other telepaths.
    • Psychic Shield: Ability to erect a psychic shield for protection of herself and the minds of others.
    • Telepathic Illusions: She can create realistic telepathic illusions and cause people to experience events which are not actually occurring.
    • Telepathic Camouflage: She can alter the apparent physical appearance of herself and other people by altering the perceptions of those around her. This can go so far as to make other people believe that the camouflaged people are not there (invisible). A limit, if one exists, is only imposed by the number of people she is trying to fool, not the number of people she is camouflaging.
  • Telepathic Manipulation: She can manipulate other people's minds easily, achieving a variety of effects.
    • Memory Alteration:She can erase, implant, restore or alter the memory of others.
    • Mind Control: She can control the thoughts and actions of others.
      • Mind Possession: She can possess the mind of another, and use that being's body as her own.
    • Personality Alteration: She can alter the minds of others by force of will, thus permanently changing their personality partially or entirely.
    • Mental Paralysis: She can induce temporary mental or physical paralysis.
    • Mental Amnesia: She can erase any awareness of particular memories or cause total amnesia.
    • Mind Transferral: She can transfer both her mind and powers into other host bodies if her own physical body was somehow killed.
    • Heal Trauma: She has the ability to erase a person’s memories and to heal mental trauma through “psychic surgery,” as well as the power to stimulate or deaden the pain and pleasure centers in a person's brain.
    • Mental Sedating: Can telepathically "sedate" her victims so that, if already rendered unconscious, they remain so for as long as she continues to "sedate" them.
    • Neural Jumpstart: She can increase the speed of neural signals in the brain, which could increase another mutant's powers to incredible levels, but the effect was only temporary.
    • Dilate Power: Ability to place “psychic inhibitors” in the minds of mutant adversaries to prevent them from using their powers.
    • Mind Link: Ability to develop a mental link with any person, which remains as a connection to that individual.
  • Psychic Blast: She can project psychic force bolts which have no physical effects but which can affect a victim's mind, causing them pain, knocking them unconsciousness or turning the victim "brain-dead".
  • Astral Projection: She can project her astral form from her body onto the Astral Plane or the physical plane. In the physical plane she can travel in astral form over vast distances. In the astral plane, she can mentally create psionic objects and manipulate the aspects of her environment. She can communicate with others astrally through her own will, or through contact with the thoughts and memories of others.
  • Mental Detection: She can sense the presence of another superhuman mutant within a small but as yet undefined radius of herself by perceiving the distinctive mental radiations emitted by such a being.

Telekinesis: Projection of psychokinetic energy enables her to levitate objects, propel or manipulate them however she wishes, lift herself and move through the air to simulate flight, stimulate individual molecules to create heat, generate concussive force as blasts or bursts, and create protective shields. While she has access to the Phoenix Force, she is able to manipulate matter and energy on a sub-atomic scale using her telekinesis. She can even change her Phoenix clothes into a set of street clothes, and lift multiple heavy objects at once without having any difficulties.

  • Psychic Firebird: She can manifest her telekinesis as a psychic firebird, whose claws could inflict both physical and mental damage.
  • Force Field: She can create a telekinetic field to either shield her and her teammates or use it to lift multiple heavy objects at her enemy.
  • Tactile Telekinesis:The power to utilize a personal force field of telekinetic energy.
  • Telekinetic Aura:The ability to possess powerful telekinetic extensions of oneself.
  • Matter Transmutation: She can manipulate and transmute matter on a sub-atomic level (e.g., turning wood into gold, plant into crystal, and cause physical bodies to disintegrate by altering their molecular structure, etc).
Empathy: On many occasions, Jean has shown to have incredibly strong empathic powers that enable her to control, manipulate and alter the feelings, sensations, and emotions of others. It is because of her empathic abilities that the almighty Phoenix Force had chosen her as its rightful human host. In other versions, she had not been shown possessing any types of empathic abilities except for telekinesis and telepathy.

Jean's abilities first manifested at the age of ten, when she witnessed her best friend, Annie Richardson, get hit by a car. The heightened emotions of the moment triggered her telepathy, and allowed her to feel her friend die on a emotional and mental level. The traumatic experience left her depressed and caused her to withdraw. The lack of control over her powers aided her need to isolate herself from others, as she couldn't handle the intrusive thoughts of her family and others. 

At age 11,  a psychiatrist suggest she see Professor Charles Xavier. Xavier helped Jean learn to control her powers, as well as helped put barriers up to help control her powers until she was old enough to handle the responsibility and burden of her extremely powerful telepathy. 

Later, Jean was the first student enrolled at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. 

Random Notes/Things from the Comics to Keep:
  • She maintained a psychic link to Cyclops for a number of years.
  • Jean has shown some proficiency in hand-to-hand, non-psionic combat; the extent of this is unknown as she prefers to utilize her telekinesis and telepathy during battle.
  • Jean has been shown wearing glasses in the past.
  • Jean excels at astral combat.

Power Grid
Energy Projection67
Fighting Ability44

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YJ Character List

  • Alanna
  • Allen, Barry (Flash)
  • Allen, Bart (Impulse/Kid Flash)
  • al Ghul, Ra's
  • al Ghul, Talia
  • al Ghul, Damian (Robin)

  • Batson, Billy (Captain Marvel/Shazam)
  • Beecher, Karen (Bumblebee)
  • Brown, Stephanie (Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl)

  • Cain, Cassandra (Blackbat)
  • Crock, Artemis
  • Crock, Lawrence "Crusher" (Sportsmaster)
  • Crock, Paula (Huntress)
  • Curry, Arthur (Aquaman)

  • Dorado, Eduardo "Ed" Jr
  • Dorado, Eduardo Sr
  • Drake, Timothy Jackson (Robin/Red Robin)
  • El, Kal (Clark Kent/Superman)
  • El, Kon (Connor Kent/Superboy)

  • Flinders, Baran (Mammoth)
  • Flinders, Selinda (Shimmer)

  • Gardner, Guy (Green Lantern)
  • Garth
  • Garrick, Joan
  • Garrick, Jay
  • Grayson, Richard John "Dick"
  • Gordan, Barbara (Batgirl/Oracle)
  • Gordan, James

  • Harper, Jim (Clone)
  • Harper, Roy (Arsenal)
  • Harper, Roy (Red Arrow)
  • Harper, Lian
  • Hawkins, Virgil
  • Hayes, Greta
  • Hayes, Harm
  • Hyde, David (Black Manta)


  • J'onnzz, J'onn (Martian Manhunter)
  • Jones, Simon (Psimon)
  • Jordan, Hal (Green Lantern)

  • Kaldur'ahm (Aqualad)
  • Klarion
  • Koriand'r (Starfire) 
  • Koizumi, Asami

  • La'gann (Lagoon Boy)
  • Lance, Dianah (Black Canary)
  • Lane, Lois
  • Logan, Garfield (Beast Boy)
  • Logan, Marie
  • Longshadow, Tye
  • Luthor, Lex
  • Mahkent, Cameron (Icicle Jr)
  • M'orzz, M'gann (Miss Martian)
  • Mera

  • Nelson, Kent
  • Nigma, Edward (The Riddler)
  • Nguyen, Jade

  • Prince, Diana (Wonder Woman)

  • Queen, Oliver
  • Quinzel, Harleen (Harley Quinn) 

  • Reyes, Jaime
  • Roth, Raven

  • Sandsmark, Cassie
  • Stone, Victor (Cyborg)
  • Strange, Adam

  • Terror, Tommy
  • Terror, Tuppence
  • Todd, Jason
  • Tula (Aquagirl)


  • Wayne, Bruce (Batman)
  • West, Iris
  • West, Wally (Kid Flash)
  • Wilkes, Colin (Abuse)



  • Zatara, Giovanni
  • Zatara, Zatanna
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YJ stuff

1946 - Alfred Pennyworth is born
1948 - Red Tornado is created
1955 - Sportsmaster is born
1955 - J'onn J'onzz is transported to Earth
1958 - Lucius Fox is born
1961 - James Gordon is born
1962 - Miss Martian is born
1962 - Paula Crock is born
1963 - Deathstroke is born
1963 - Marie Logan is born
1964 - Lex Luthor is born
1966 - Amanda Waller is born
1970 - Giovanni Zatara is born
1971 - Kater Hol (Hawkman) is born
1972 - Mary West is born
1973 - Black Manta is born
1975 - Barry West is born
1977 - Guy Gardner, and Hal Jordan are born
1977 - Kal-El is born
1978 - Bruce Wayne is born
1978 - Oliver Queen is born
1978 - Kal-El Lands on Earth
1979 - Hello, Megan! begins syndication
1980 - Edward Nigma is born
1981 - Arthur Curry is born
1981 - Iris West is born
1982 - Shayera Thal (Hawkwoman) is born
1983 - Bane is born
1983 - Poison Ivy is born
1983 - Queen Mera is born
1984 - Talia al Ghul is born
1986 - Dinah Lance is born
1986 - Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered
1987 - Cat Grant is born
1989 - Psimon is born
1991 - Jade Nguyen (Chesire) is born
1991 - Jimmy Olsen is born
1992 - Roy Harper (Arsenal) is born
1993 - Mal Duncan is born
1984 - Garth (Tempest) is born
1994 - Kaldur'ahm is born
1994 - Tula is born
1994 - (November 11) Wally West is born
1995 - Artemis Crock is born
1995 - Karen Beecher is born
1995 - Raquel Ervin (Rocket) is born
1996 - Greta Hayes is born
1996 - Zatanna is born
1996 (Dec 1) Dick Grayson is born
1997 - Barbara Gordon is born
1998 - La'gaan is born
1998 - Superman starts his career (age 21)
1998 - Giovanni Zatara starts his crime-fighting career
1999 - Jaime Reyes is born
1999 - Jason Todd is born
1999 - Cassanda Cain is born
1999 - Batman begins his career (age 21)

2000 - Billy Batson is born
2000 - Tye Longshadow is born
2000 - Barry Allen begins his career as the Flash (age 25)
2000 - Hal Jordan becomes Green Lantern
2000 - Red Hood becomes The Joker

2001 - Cassandra Sandsmark is born
2001 - Tim Drake is born
2001 - Virgil Hawkins is born
2001 - Aquaman begins his crime fiting career
2001 - Wonder Woman returns to her crime fighting career
2001 - Oliver Queen begins his crime-fighting career

Asami Koizumi is born
Eduardo Dorado Jr. is born
Garfield Logan is born
J'onn J'onzz begins his crime fighting career

Feburary: The Justice League is founded by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal), Aquaman and Martian Manhunter
Appellaxians invade Earth
Guy Gardner begins his crime fighting career as Green Lantern
Ray Palmer (Atom) begins his crime-fighting career
Stephanie Brown is born

Paula Crock begins her sentence in Prison.
Jade Nguyen runs away from home
Hawkman and Hawkwoman begin their crime fighting careers
Green Arrow, Hawkman and Hawkwoman join the Justice League

April 1: Zucco murders the Flying Graysons
Dick Grayson beginds his career (age 9)
Aqualad begins his Mandatory Military Service
Barry Allen and Iris West are married
The Justice League becomes known to the public
The Light is formed

Captain Marvel starts his crime fighting career
Black Canary starts her crime fighting career
John Stewart starts his crime fighting career
Roy Harper (Speedy) starts his crime fighting career
Roy Harper's clone (Red Arrow) is created, and the light secretly replaces Roy Harper (Speedy) with his clone
The Light creates Jim Harper, another clone of Roy Harper

Edward Nygma becomes The Riddler
Jim Harper (Guardian) becomes a hero
Kaldur'ahm (Aqualad) starts his crime fighting career
Wally West (Kid Flash) starts his crime fighting career
Zatara, Captain Atom, Black Canary, John Stewart, Captain Marvel and Red Tornado join the Justice League

Jim Harper (Guardian) joins Cadmus
August: Batman rebukes Talia al Ghul's attempts at a relationship

- March 21st: Conner Kent is created in a Cadmus Lab
- May: Raquel Ervin (Rocket) and Augustus Freeman (Icon) become heroes
- June: Miss Martian arrives on Earth after stowing away on Martian Manhunter's spacecraft
- July: Aqualad, Robin and Kidflash liberate Conner Kent from Cadmus
- November 22: Miss Martian gives Garfield Logan a blood transfusion to save his life

January 16: Marie Logan dies. Garfield Logan joins the Team shortly after

2015: Tear Year Five
Early: Tim Drake becomes Robin
January: Chesire becomes pregnant
Febuary 18: Tula (Aquagirl) sacrifices herself in a battle against Tiamat.
July: Ted Kord is killed. The Scarab attaches to Jaime Reyes
September: Lian Nguyen-Harper is born
November: Zatanna and Rocket are elected to become members

Febuary 28: Bart Allen shows up in a time machine

Bart Allen is born

Alfred Pennyworth - 64/69
Bruce - 32/37
Selina Kyle - 23/28
Talia al Ghul - 26/31
Dick Grayson - 13/19
Jason Todd - 11/(Deceased) 16
Tim Drake - 9/14
Cassandra Cain - 12/17
Damian Wayne - 5/10
James Gordon - 49/54
Barbara Gordon - 13/18
Stephanie Brown - 9/14
Clark - 33/38
Kara Zor-El - 00/18
Conner Kent - 1/6
It’s good for kids to experience their own journeys, but running away without even word to your parents is another thing entirely. I tried to set that boy of mine straight, but when I did, I was the one who got beat...
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Werewolf CanSey (2014) RP

Matt had been one of the first people Angelique met when her family first moved to Canada, and he was a good friend throughout highschool. An even better boyfriend. Their relationship probably would have become so much more, but college had come into play, and Angelique was off. She went to the United States for it, college in California, where it was hot and warm. She'd never planned on becoming a werewolf, but from what she found, there were a fair number of people who got turned against their will. She had to drop out of college for a year, moving to a town in Montana to learn to control herself. It was hard at first, but eventually, she found herself, learned to live with the wolf, to function as both. There was a pack in Canada that was more than willing to let her live with them- closer to where her family lived, but still far enough away that she wouldn't have as easy access to them. Being closer was nice though, she was in the same timezone, at least. Getting used to her new pack meant she was often unable to travel, her parents came to visit, but Matthew, who she'd kept in contact with on and off, was too sick she found. When she found out he was in the hospital, she finally made the trip into the city. It was a lot of sounds and scents she still wasn't used to, and the hospital smelled like death and illness... Seeing Matt, looking weak, and smelling ill, was harder than she'd ever imagined. Telling him she might know a way to help him- something the doctors wouldn't know about- had been hard too. Even more than that, going back to the pack to explain it to Elizaveta, getting the Alpha to agree to help her... It was a bit easier than she had feared. But getting Matt to make the trip, to trust her, had taken work, he was sick enough to want help, but once he was there, and saw them, it seemed to settle in his head. She was afraid at first, to let him see her changed. Matt had been so close to her- she felt like they could be close again... but changing shape was hard, so while other's showed him both forms, Angelique avoided it out of fear he would look at her differently. When the full moon came, and it was time for him to be changed- for better or worse, it was Angelique's responsibility. She changed with the others, and finally saw him through the wolf's eyes. Her head bowed a little, tail lowered, eyes skimming over him first, nervous, afraid to meet his eyes.

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Hetalia Character List

North Italy - Feliciano Vargas / Elena Vargas - March 17
Prussia - Gilbert Beilschmidt / Adelaide Maria Beilschmidt - January 18
Germany - Ludwig Beilschmidt / Mia Beilschmidt - October 3*
South Italy - Lovino Vargas / Alessia Vargas - March 17
Spain - Jose Antonio Fernandez Carriedo / Maria Isabel Fernandez Carriedo - Feburary 12
Seborga - Federico Vargas / Francesca Vargas -
Ancient Rome - Remus Vargas / Celeste Vargas -
Germania - Ulrich Beilschmidt / Elke Beilschmidt -
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Pokemon lists

Sweden: Luxray, Granbull, Ursaring, Flareon, Scizor, Venusaur

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P O K E M O N o c s

Name: Finn

Age: 14

Gender: Male
Trainer Class: Backpacker

Hometown: Lumiose City

First Pokemon: Fletchling

  • Loves camping and exploring

  • Prefers pokemon to people

  • Always looks rough around the edges, but is actually exceptionally gentle

  • Is really laid back

  • Travelled with his mother a lot, before he turned ten

  • Dislikes pokemon centers, as well as big towns and cities

  • Can be really reckless

  • Likes to climb things


Name: Hunter

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Trainer Class: Swimmer/Scuba Diver

Hometown: Luminose

First Pokemon: Froakie

  • Is the quietest of his siblings

  • Likes to be clean

  • Loves swimming and gardening

  • Is always scribbling in his notebooks

  • Stayed home for two years after his birthday to keep studying and help with the family cafe

  • Travelled with his mom the least

  • Left with his mom when he first started his journey, but split off in cyllage

  • Is okay with battling, but only for money

  • Really likes the Couramine City Gym


Name: Malorie

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Trainer Class:

Hometown: Luminose City

First Pokemon: Chespin

  • Is the most social of her siblings

  • Travelled with her mom twice

  • Wants to visit other regions

  • Really likes cat pokemon


Name: Kylie

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Trainer Class: Preschooler

Hometown: Luminose City

First Pokemon: Flabebe

  • Doesn't remember Finn very much, only really knowing him from calls and a few small visits

  • Wants to be the best trainer ever

  • Really likes purple pokemon

  • Has never travelled with her mom


Name: Ava

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Trainer Class: Trainer

Hometown: Luminose City

First Pokemon:

- Malorie's best friend.

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RotBTDs character list

 Rise of the Guardians
Nicholas St. North
E. Aster Bunnymund
Sanderson Mansnoozie
Man in the Moon "Manny"
Night Light
Katherine - ?
Jamie Bennett - 8-10
Sophie Bennett - 2
Pippa - 8-10
Cupcake - 8-10
Monty - 8-10
Claude - 8-10
Caleb - 8-10
Jackson Overland/Jack Frost - 14-17
Emma Overland
Ombric Shalazar
Kozmotis Pitchiner/Pitch Black

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World of darkness size chart

 I got this far before I got sick of it.

Size 1-Infant, Pistol, Revolver, Small SMG, Sap, Knife, Small ax, Stake, Chain, Grenade, Bat (animal), Ball, Earplugs, Light mount, Speedloader, Suppressor, Binoculars, Bug sweeper, Tracking device, Wi-Fi sniffer, Wiretap, Handcuffs, Caltrops, Claw hammer, Screwdriver, Bottle, Razor blade
Size 2- Sword, Baseball bat, Steel bar, Large SMG, Shotgun, Club, Mace, Rapier, Katana, Whip, Cat, Raven, Skateboard, Bipods, Gunsmithing Kit, Sighting tools, Telescopic gun sights, Disguised camera, Survival Kit, Jaw trap, Belt sander, Blow torch, Nail gun, Power drill, Fire extinguisher, Pipe bomb, Molotov, Owl, Snake, Ferret
Size 3- Human Child, 2”x4” Board, Manhole cover, Average window, Rifle, Assault rifle, Crossbow, Greatsword, Large ax, Flail, Morning star, Scooter, Cricket Bat, Superior survival kit, Projectile trap, Chainsaw, Shovel, Sledgehammer, Artillery shell
Size 4- Wolf, Spear, Cabinet, Chair, Crate, Chain-length fence, Great ax, Zweihander, Trident, Dog, Polygraph, Post-hole digger, Scythe, Fire hose, Missile launcher, Flame thrower
Size 5- Adult human, Door, Dirt bike, Reloading bench, NBC suit, Deadfall trap, Snare trap
Size 6- Giant human, Gorilla, Coffin, Steel fence, Bicycle, Sport bike, Kayak, Jet Ski
Size 7- Grizzly Bear, Motorcycle, Horse, Canoe
Size 8- Bank vault door, Steel lamp post, Clydesdale, Subcompact car, Inflatable boat, Day Sailer
Size 9- Compact car, Hippo, Forklift, Fishing boat
Size 10- Sports car, White rhino
Size 12- Midsized sedan, Police Interceptor
Size 13- Jeep
Size 14- Full-size Car, Police Cruiser, Light pick-up truck, Power boat
Size 15- SUV, Pick-up truck, Minivan, Stunt plane, Glider
Size 16- Elephant, Full-size van
Size 17- Military tactical truck, Delivery van, Armored truck, Observation helicopter
Size 18- 18-wheeler w/o trailer, Recreational vehicle, Excavator, IFV, Racing boat, Single engine light aircraft
Size 19- Limousine, Steamroller, APC, Jump jets
Size 20- Dump truck, SUV limousine, Medium truck, Bulldozer, Battle Tank, Yacht, Service helicopter, Air superiority fighter jet, Jet trainer
Size 21- Bus, Semitrailer, Twin engine light aircraft, Attack helicopter
Size 22- Ground attack fighter jets, Gunship helicopter
Size 23- Houseboat
Size 24- Tour bus
Size 25- Tractor-trailer rig, Racing Yacht, Business Jet, Transport helicopter
Size 30- Light transport aircraft
Size 35- Airliner
Size 40 Heavy transport aircraft
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Basic New World of Darkness (nWoD) Guide

World of Darkness

Everyone has had the sense at least once in their lives that things are not right with the world, that not everything is as it seems. We sometimes feel that sinister truths hide behind a facade of normality, veiled partially by the rational, orderly "natural laws" taught to us by science. We're told that medieval beliefs in monsters and magic were merely primitive superstitions. We're too wise for that sort of foolishness these days. Or so we assure ourselves. But at night, when the shadows grow long and the wind whistles through the trees, we shudder and remember older truths, the truths of our ancestors, who were right to fear the dark.

We know deep down that the world is a far more terrifying place than we allow our rational minds to acknowledge. To accept this subconscious truth is to invite madness, to succumb to the raw chaos that lurks at the edges of our perception. Best to shut our eyes, pretend it's not there. If we don't see it, it might not see us.

Pretending something is not there, however, does not make it go away. It only helps it to hide better "“ and predators like to hide from their prey, lest it be scared away.

A world where such predators truly existed is a conspiracy theorist's worst nightmare. In such a reality, unseen beings hatch incognito plots against us, pulling our strings like puppeteers looming above us, hidden in the darkness beyond the stage lights. Our only protection is our ignorance, the obliviousness that allows us to keep going day by day, building toward "something meaningful" - a career, a home, a family. Allegations about secret masters or creatures lurking in the night simply lack evidence. If these things are real, why don't we see them on the evening news? Even Internet sites dedicated to exposing unknown forces in our lives can't produce a single, verifiable picture. It's hard to believe in something we can't see.

Maybe they want it that way.

Welcome to the World of Darkness.

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Inuyasha Character list

Past past; Midoriko
Takemaru no Setsuna
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