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Getting into the tower had been surprisingly easy. He’d really thought it would be much harder then it had been. It was getting out that was hard. Once he’d gotten to the Princess’ chambers, he’d run into a bit of trouble. It turned out King Loki had set up a few… precautions, to keep his brother’s betrothed from being easily taken out of the tower, and much to his grand distress, the doors all locked and stuck as soon as he’d gotten inside.
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Alfred hadn’t been there when Steve had undergone the procedure to become Captain America, he’d been in England trying to help Arthur, but he’d been able to come back to the States in time to see one of the shows the Captain had put on to raise funds for soldiers. He’d tried to convince the higher ups to put Rogers in the field, but they just wouldn’t listen. When they saw Alfred, they often saw the same thing they saw when they looked at Steve, a kid with a lot of enthusiasm but no experience. They didn’t know Alfred had fought in several wars, and was old enough that he could have put them all in their place easily. He’d never gotten to meet Steve in person before he disappeared. It had broken Alfred’s heart, he’d seen the greatness that Captain Rogers had, knew he would be amazing, and had been proven right when he heard what happened… but he’d never been able to shake the man’s hand, or even say hello.
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