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Fujioka -
- Haruhi (15a/16m. 5'1". Class 1-A)
- Kotoko (deceased - died when Haruhi was about 4-5, was six years older than Ryoji, 31 when she died)
- Ryoji "Ranka" (Professional transvestite/ bartender  - 35)

Suoh -
- Shizue (70. matriach of the Suoh Family, Tamaki's grandmother. Traditional. Doesn't like Tamaki)
- Yuzuru (48. Chairman of Ouran. President of Suoh Enterprises. Was previously married)
- Anne-Sophie de Grantaine (Piano Instructor. Gave up rights to Tamaki when her family's company went bankrupt. Is very ill- systematic lupus erythematosus)
- René Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh (Class 2-A. 16. 6ft. was raised in France)

Ootori -
- Yoshio (Cold, calculating, stern.

- Yuuichi (First born son. Married. Graduated Medical School, and works at the same hospital as his father)
- Akito (Second born. Currently finishing Medical school. Will joing the family business.)
- Fuyumi (third born. Only Daughter. In an arranged marriage to a man with the surname Shido, but they are in love. She is kind. Her father scolded her for visiting after being married.)
- Kyoya (17. 5'11. AB. Suffers from Hypotension)

Hitachiin -
- Kazuha (Yuzuha's mother. A floral designer. She travels a lot)
- Yuzuha (CEO and Chief Designer of Hitachiin Fashions. Loves the twins, but teases them. Is often busy and not around)
- Mr. Hitachiin (Runs a Software company. Took his wife's name. Is very down to earth and a bit invisible compared to his family)
- Kaoru (15. 5'10". B. Class 1-A) [Gay]
- Hikaru (15. 5'10". B. Class 1-A) [Straight]
- Ageha (Much younger sister. Gets doted on by her brothers, but is generally unimpressed and rejects their presents of toys and dresses)

Haninozuka -
- Mitsukuni "Honey" (17a/18b. 4'10". AB.)
- Yasuchika (14. A. Current Captain of the Karate Club. Likes cute animals, but doesn't like to admit it. Loves shrimp. Calls Mori "Taka-nii". Is part of the "Animal Breeding Club")

Morinozuka -
- Takashi "Mori" (17m/18a. 6'4". O. Has a deep connection with animals. Has a pet Tanuki. "fetish for small things".
- Satoshi (15. 5'9". in the kendo and karate club. Is talkative, and outgoing. Is close to Yasuchika. Adores Mori.)


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