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The triplets were the first newborns Merida had ever seen, and when her Mum made her sit, and pushed Harris into her arms, the little girl had been terrified she’d accidentally drop him, or he’d start crying, but neither of those things happened. The little baby just looked up at her through sleepy eyes and squirmed a little in her arms. Harris would always be the quietest of the boys. He was a heavy weight in her arms, warm and delicate. It was really amazing, and for a moment, Merida thought this was probably the most amazing moment ever, and he was so cute (even if he was all wrinkly and pink), and she thought maybe having babies around wouldn’t be so bad.

And then Hubert started to scream in her dad’s arms, and Hamish in her mum’s, and Harris joined them after just a moment. His little face twisted up and his tiny mouth opened and the noise of the three was unbearable. She couldn’t get away from him quickly enough, her mother immediately took the baby back into her own arms, and Merida jumped off the hospital bed and plastered herself against a wall. Once the babies were calmed down, and all asleep, her mum and dad laughed about it, saying she’d better get used to it, since her room was right across of from theirs.

Merida immediately hated the idea of babies again, and sulked the whole ride home from the hospital. As her dad unlocked their apartment door, she leaned against a wall and stared down the long hall, and all she had to say, as he pushed the door open was, “When Mum comes home, could she leave those things there?”

Her father’s laugh echoed down the hall and she flinched away from the sound. Later that night she’d ask her mum the same thing and get the same response. She took this as no, and spent the night sulking in her room.


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