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World of Darkness

Everyone has had the sense at least once in their lives that things are not right with the world, that not everything is as it seems. We sometimes feel that sinister truths hide behind a facade of normality, veiled partially by the rational, orderly "natural laws" taught to us by science. We're told that medieval beliefs in monsters and magic were merely primitive superstitions. We're too wise for that sort of foolishness these days. Or so we assure ourselves. But at night, when the shadows grow long and the wind whistles through the trees, we shudder and remember older truths, the truths of our ancestors, who were right to fear the dark.

We know deep down that the world is a far more terrifying place than we allow our rational minds to acknowledge. To accept this subconscious truth is to invite madness, to succumb to the raw chaos that lurks at the edges of our perception. Best to shut our eyes, pretend it's not there. If we don't see it, it might not see us.

Pretending something is not there, however, does not make it go away. It only helps it to hide better "“ and predators like to hide from their prey, lest it be scared away.

A world where such predators truly existed is a conspiracy theorist's worst nightmare. In such a reality, unseen beings hatch incognito plots against us, pulling our strings like puppeteers looming above us, hidden in the darkness beyond the stage lights. Our only protection is our ignorance, the obliviousness that allows us to keep going day by day, building toward "something meaningful" - a career, a home, a family. Allegations about secret masters or creatures lurking in the night simply lack evidence. If these things are real, why don't we see them on the evening news? Even Internet sites dedicated to exposing unknown forces in our lives can't produce a single, verifiable picture. It's hard to believe in something we can't see.

Maybe they want it that way.

Welcome to the World of Darkness.

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     Amelia flopped down on the couch, her body still warm from her latest meal, a little early evening snack. She had things to do, there was a big press conference, she had to go practice at a big stadium right after. But frankly, she didn't really want to do either. The attention that she got as she clawed her way (sometimes literally) up to the top of the music world had been a lot of fun at first, but it was bordering on a year, and she couldn't find herself caring too much as people were fluctuating a bit on her. Her songs were still doing amazingly well, but the vampire thing was losing some attention, not that she could really change it. It's not like she could disprove it by going out in the sun or something. And she'd heard from one her old fledglings that the council was getting loud and aggravated. She hadn't spent a great deal of time with any other vampires in the past year, really, but hearing they were getting that antsy was more reason to start thinking of finding something else to do with her time. Stretching out, she threw her arm over her eyes, and frowned, wondering just how to bring it all to an end, or if she wanted to keep up this fun little game for a little while later. They hadn't attacked yet, after all.

    He was pacing the room, the numbers from the weekly record sales in his hand and his gaze firmly focused. Despite some recent negative press from a group of Bible thumpers claiming Lia's music was devil worship, the numbers were still good and holding steady. Demands for Amelia were still coming in from talk shows and commercial deals, though she usually refused them all. Business was good, but his starlette was still acting aloof, like she wasn't enjoying any of it. Which was concerning. Bored celebrities did stupid things like become cleptomanics or drug abusers or had torrid love affairs that got splashed over the entertainment magazines. And since Arthur himself was once such affair, he didn't want that to happen. Plus it hurt the numbers. "Mmm I think you should really reconsider doing that Cocacola ad... I know drinking the stuff doesn't fit your motif but the writers swear they'll work with you."

    Lowering her arm, she sent Arthur a look of disgust. The idea of forcing herself to drink any kind of soda made her stomach clench, she was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to manage without throwing up all over the place. That certainly wouldn't be what they wanted. “I'm not doing a commercial for any type of soda, Arthur.” Sitting up, she huffed, “It's gross.” She crossed her legs and leaned back, “I don't do food or drink things. You know that. No dinners, no commercials, and no ads.” She didn't know what the difference between an ad and a commercial was, but there seemed to be a pretty big one. “Besides, I don't think they'd like the result of my trying to.” She could just imagine the look on everyone's faces, when she tried to swallow coke, and ended up spitting up the vile black liquid, as well as dark blood. “Find something else if you want me to do something like that on TV.” 

He sighed and rolled his eyes hard. They'd been through this before a number of times. The vampire angle was good from a stage presence point of view, but keeping the game going could be tiring. "They can do it without you breaking character, you know... They were proposing a billboard ad of a can with like...fang piercing in it and then you licking your lips, no actual drinking. And for the commercial they were thinking of you... I don't know.. pouncing on coke drinkers," He made a motion like a pouncing cat. "Like you prefer how the soda makes them taste. No drinking if you don't want to."

    It was really hard not to feel a bit offended at the motions Arthur made. Like she was some silly little fledgling who didn't know how to hunt. “I do not pounce.” She stood up, brushing her hands down over her jeans, and tilted her head at him, “Do you really think a vampire would pounce on their victim? That's just stupid.” Which meant that, yes, he probably did believe that, as did the general populace. Humanity was so… depressing sometimes. 

He sighed again and rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming on. He tossed his printouts onto the table. "You're far too sensitive about your vampire image," he muttered but he knew there was no fighting it. He sat down on her couch, seemingly exhausted. "You know supermodels don't actually eat the tripple cheeseburgers that they advertise. It's just an image. But fine, no food or drink."

    Turning, Amelia arched a brow, and watched him for a moment, before turning her attention to the papers. She picked some up, skimming over them, but not finding anything remotely interesting enough to hold her attention for long, “You know, Arthur, as the person who's around me the most, you should put a little more stock into what I say.” She moved towards him, sliding into his lap, arms resting on his shoulders, “If you don't believe me, why would anyone else?” And really, considering that they'd done a great deal more than they really should as manager and client. “Besides, do we really need it? Commercials and shit like that?”

    He grunted, mostly in surprise, as she slide herself into his lap. He blushed, as he always did when she came on to him, even a little. Hollywood manager or not, it was a little overwhelming when a pop star and international sex symbol sits in your lap. "Ahem.. of course I believe you, dear," he said in that patient but slightly condescending tone of his. Amelia took her character very very seriously. Too seriously really, but that was part of the appeal. "And commercials are very beneficial. They bring in money and get you additional time in the public eye. I'm sure we can find something you can agree to. Cars.. makeup...clothes... something."

    She hated that tone. It was so painfully obvious he was just agreeing to please her. She wasn't a child to make content. At least, she didn't think herself that way. Her sire had mentioned her behavior better fitting one. Reaching up, she sank her fingers into his hair, “Don't lie to me. If you don't believe me say it. I could prove it to you, you know.” Though she wasn't sure how well he'd take it though, Arthur was a rather grounded person, over all. Humming, she tilted her head back, and leaned away a bit, making her position a bit precarious, “Dunno…” Smoothly, she stood up, and moved away from him, towards the windows that were open to show the city below, “I feel like this game is getting a little too boring.” 

    He tried to make his forced patience be a little less obvious. He didn't want to annoy her. But he felt it was maybe too little too late, since she got up and moved away. He took a deep breath and stood up after her. "Oh don't be like that. If you really don't want to talk about commercials we can table the matter for now. They'll all wait." He came up behind her and brushed her hair away from her neck. "And I believe that your image is part of who you are..."

    Letting her eyes fall half lidded, Amelia leaned back, to brush her shoulders against his chest, her head tilting to rest on his shoulder. Even well fed, she couldn't help but focus on the sound his blood, his heart pumping and his body thrumming with life. Quirking her lips, she thought about what he must taste like. She'd never tried, but the temptation was always there. “But not what I am.” Turning on her heel, Amelia faced him, flashing a grin, and raised her arms to pull him closer, “What do I have to do to prove it?”


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