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It all started with an offhand comment Tony had made about some stupid commercial. If he’d known it would turn into this, he never would have said anything about it at all. But it was obviously too late now, and the living room was a mess, with the furniture rearranged, and blankets and pillows everywhere- where did he even get all those blankets? Why did they have so many!?

And what was worse, was Steve looked so damn happy and pleased with himself. Laying under the floor, with pillows to cushion the floor, and blankets overhead held up by chairs and the back of the couch- and fuck Tony was not drunk enough for this to be normal.

Cap’, this is stupid.”

Just get in Tony.”

And he did. And he complained the whole time they were in that stupid little fort. But Steve ignored it, and Tony didn’t mean it, cause even if it was awkward and uncomfortable, it was pretty sweet and hey, no one could see what they were doing under there right?

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Darcy had put the DVDs on, and planted Steve in front of the TV, saying it might amuse him. Really he didn’t find it amusing at all. Having been a solider in WWII, it was hard to find the jokes and general silliness of it funny at all. He knew it was supposed to be a joke, of course, that was obvious, but still, it felt wrong making light of all those horrible things he knew had happened. Things he’d fought against.

Tony had joined him at some point after Darcy had disappeared, and for once had been completely silent during the entire time he sat there. It was actually unnerving, and almost managed to distract him. But it wasn’t until Tony leaned, and  licked his fingers that Steve’s attention had fully drifted away from the screen, that he forgot all about it. Watching the pink that slid over Tony’s fingers, a light blush forming on Steve’s cheeks, he expected this to turn into something vulgar. Something sexual that would likely leave Steve unable to look at the couch for a few days without going red and stuttering out an excuse whenever Darcy asked how the “anime” was.

Instead, Tony leaned over, and moved those saliva slick fingers into Steve’s hair, pulling at a bit in the front. When he pulled back, his lips had pulled into a smug grin, that just grew at the obvious confusion on Steve’s face, “Almost. Not quite.”

When Tony hopped up off the couch, nothing felt more explained, and Steve hardly had time to ponder what had just happened when Tony came rushing back with a pair of sleek glasses he plopped on Steve’s face, Bruce yelling from somewhere not far.

“Totally perfect.” Tony snapped a picked of Steve with his phone, and sniggered, flopping onto the other’s lap, “America through and through, Cap’.”

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Getting into the tower had been surprisingly easy. He’d really thought it would be much harder then it had been. It was getting out that was hard. Once he’d gotten to the Princess’ chambers, he’d run into a bit of trouble. It turned out King Loki had set up a few… precautions, to keep his brother’s betrothed from being easily taken out of the tower, and much to his grand distress, the doors all locked and stuck as soon as he’d gotten inside.
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