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Some Degree of Permanence by [Rated: M]
By 7 pm, Carlos has run out of his daily rations of government sanctioned bemusement.

The Interest of Towns by Anonymous [Rated T(?)]
For as long as there’s been Night Vale; there’s been Cecil. There has always been a soothing voice carried over the sand wastes and scrublands. Always

You Are Now Leaving Night Vale, Come Back Soon by [Rated: T]
Carlos takes Cecil on a road trip, and mildly odd hijinx ensue.

A mark upon your skin to show you're mine by [Rated: G]
Carlos has known Cecil's tattoos move for quite some time. Just, not to such an extent.

A remembrance of strange things by [Rated: G]
There is not enough coffee in the world to deal with Night Vale.

Carlos feels pain (and likes it)
by Anonymous [Rated: M]
Cecil is one of the 53% of Night Vale's population that can't feel pain. However, Carlos does, and Cecil is always gentle and sweet because of it- but that's not what Carlos craves...

Tentacle Sex and Gratuitous Spanish by Anonymous [Rated M]
Cecil's anatomy is certainly interesting.... And Carlos thinks so too.

For Science! by audience_cat [Rated: M]
Every puff of warm hair causes a barely-there tick of the needle, every kiss a flicker, and when Carlos moves so the next breath of warm air and tease of tongue brushes over his ear, Cecil is proud of the fact that his voice remains steady even as the needle flicks up to the red and back again.

Eye of the Beholder by Anonymous [Rated: T]
Two years after moving to Night Vale, Carlos finally becomes one of it's members officially, with a physical transformation.

Fucking Machine by Anonymous [Rated: M]
Carlos tries out a new machine on Cecil.

Omegaverse w/ Tentacles [p2-4] by Anonymous [Rated: M]
“Dear Carlos, what were you thinking, going into heat? Don’t you have suppressors?”

Kissing+Hair pulling by Anonymous [Rated: G]
Cecil asks to touch Carlos' hair.

Haircut by EternalScout [Rated: G]
Carlos wants to get his haircut, and eventually turns to Cecil to do the deed.

Public Spaces by Anonymous [Rated M]
Carlos finds that the worst place to discover your new boyfriend is a screamer is, say, the parking lot of the Community Radio Station.

When You're Strange by [Rated: M]
Carlos and Cecil's first time is full of surprises, for Carlos anyway.

Cecil Meets the Family  by [Rated: G]
Carlos wonders if it's possible to describe any citizen of Night Vale in a manner his mother would accept.

Cecil Aims to Please
by [personal profile] astharose [Rated: M]
Asexual!Cecil has a bit of a fascination with getting Carlos off.

Out of My Abdomen and Into Our Hearts
by [personal profile] straydog733 [Rated: T+]
Cecil gives birth while on the air. Carlos is not ready.

First by [Rated: M]
Cecil and Carlos have sex for the first time- the very first time for Carlos.

Not Interested by [personal profile] assdictionary [Rated T]
Ace!Cecil/Ace!Carlos, being physically affectionate.

Gateway into the Night
by [Rated: T]
Night Vale seems like a perfect little community in the Arizona Desert. That is, if it wasn't for all the superstitions and ghost stories that keep most of the residents out of the desert after sunset. Carlos comes into town to study the surrounding area for a Finals Project for the summer. While there, he disturbs something in the desert and causes the monsters from the ghost stories to enter their dimension at nighttime, leaving the town's citizens terrified to leave their own houses as the sun sets. Now Carlos must fix this with the help of a mysterious new friend before it destroys the whole town.

Cecil/Steve Carlsburg;

  by Anonymous [Rated: T]
Steve sat in his car.

Other Pairings;
Station Management/Cecil by Anonmous [Rated: M]
Dubcon, tentacles.
Leanne/Pamela, rough make outs
by Anonymous [Rated: T]
Leanne and Pamela in the Arby's.
ex-high school sweethearts
by Anonymous [Rated G]
Old Woman Josie and the Faceless Old Woman used to be close.

Gory but otherwise fluffy
by Anonymous [Rated T]
Kevin meets the Scientist visiting Desert Bluffs. He's not so good at flirting with her.

Cecil/Kevin, noncon/dubcon
by Anonymous [Rated M]
If he's honest, he scares himself. Kevin doesn't struggle – he just smiles.

The Rat and the Ruby Slippers by indigostohelit [Rated: T] (Kevin/Carlos, mentions Cecil/Carlos)
Carlos is having the strangest dreams, and the strangest headaches, like there's something he's supposed to be remembering. Not to mention the intern's wedding coming up, and that new chemical StrexCorp wants him to develop. It's going to be a busy week.

The Job Fair by
Clint isn't entirely sure that it's a coincidence that the car breaks down right outside of Phil's hometown. (Avengers/WTNV. Phil/Clint]

No Pairings;
Hogwarts: A Horror Story by Anonymous [Rated G]
Cecil goes to Hogwarts. Second Person POV

she's every inch an angel
by [profile] [Rated G]
"You gave us a home," they say. The Angles&Old Woman Josie
So You Want To Move To Night Vale
by Anonymous [Rated: PG-13]
A publication of the Night Vale Chamber of Commerce.


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