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Harem List

Arthur Kirkland - King of the nine Kingoms.
- Took over the kingdoms and united them, using his necromancy to force control and fear into the people. Was hated and feared.
- Was also good at poisons.
- Had a particular bond with his oldest, Matthew.
- Lukas (Norway)
  a. First mate
  b. High Priestess for his Country
  c. Mother of Arthur's first born child (Matt)
- Andrei (Romania)
  a. Second mate
  b. Was in the same coven as Arthur (?)
  c. Mother of fourth born child, Elizabeta (Hungary)
- Berwald (Sweden)
  a. Third mate
  b. Good with building things
  c. Mother of Arthur's second born Matthias (Denmark)
- Marie (Belgium)
  a. Fourth mate
  b. handpicked
  c. Mother of Bastien, the third child.
- Kiku (Japan)
  a. Fifth, and final mate.
  b. Picked by Yao, gets along well with Arthur.
  c. Mother of the last born child. Chiou.
  d. Most ambitious of the mates.

King Matthew, son of King Arthur and Consort Lukas. Current reluctant ruler of the kingdoms.
- Has a natural talent with animals
- Was taught necromancy from Arthur as a young child (did not like the training at all)
- Didn't want to be king, and doesn't particularly enjoy it now.
- Angelique
  a. Has known Matt their whole lives, as her Husband to be.
  b. Is particularly skilled with water magic, and uses it frequently.
  c. Was very afraid of Arthur.
  d. Is very protective of Matt
  e. Is the mother of Antonio
  f. Very religious, and very open about it.
- Gilbert
  a. First born of the Beilschmidt family, and originally set for the throne.
  b. Second mate of Matthew, Gilbert was handed to him as an 'appropriate' way to get him out of line for his kingdom's throne, leaving his cousin Roderich to rule Germania, as Gilbert was seen as unfit and too aggressive.
  c. His magic is focused on weapons and armor, offering an explicit skill with most hand-to-hand weaponry, as well as allowing him to summon any weapon he might need at any time.
  d. Got into fights with King Arthur, due to his unwillingness to mate with Matthew.
  e. Is quick to start fights when he isn't allowed to train in the mornings.
  f. Gets along best with Alfred and Amelia.
 g. Mother of Ludwig
 h. Religious, but private about it. Prefers to worship alone. 
- Mei Hui
  a. First born child of the Wang family, daughter of the King's adviser, Yao.
  b. Was handpicked by Yao to marry Matthew, as a bit of a spy. Fails to do this, as her relationship with Yao is poor.
  c. Often handles decorations, and hosting large parties and playing host to visitors.
  d. Her magic revolves around plant life.
  e. Mother of Hei. 
- Natalya
  a. Second daughter of the Arlovskaya line. 
  b. Was given to Matthew as a potential mate, by her older sister the Queen of the Northern Kingdoms, to ruin the chances of a potential marriage to an Alpha that neither could stand. 
  c. Her magic comes in the form of healing or deteriorating the health of others.
  d. Gives birth to Ivan- who is frail and ill, causing her to be overprotective.
- Alfred